Thoughts on the Star Fox Zero Presentation

The Anime
So Star Fox starts off with The Battle Begins an animated short that serves as kind of a prequel to the game. Production I.G. and WIT Studios put together a very good short in my opinion. The animation, voice acting, and sound is spot on. The art design is amazing as well which makes the animation work well. There are some easter eggs in the short that are cool as well. One of my favorite is Falco playing the video game which just happens to be the SNES version of Star Fox. It was a nice little homage seeing as how this game is pretty much a reboot of that game. All of the characters personality's are there, Peppy is the father figure, Slippy is still annoying, Falco is still a gangsta, and Fox is still the cool leader. There are also some nice jokes in here as well and one thing that the narrative does is doing a good job at showing how they act in their downtime. The flying animations especially when the action kicks in to high gear is beautiful and I'm not going to lie I really want either an animated movie or an animated series. In my opinion that's how good this short is, Nintendo is sitting on gold if they ever want to pull the trigger on it.

The Treehouse Presentation
After the short the Treehouse presentation started. The basic gist of the Treehouse event was to show off certain aspects of the title. Since the controls have been discussed at a nauseating length they did a good job of explaining why they are the way they are and I think that it will work personally. They also talk about the co-op mode where you have one player who pilots and another player handling the shooting. As far as the game pad is concerned, I liked the cockpit view of the game pad that was shown during the presentation.  I truly do not believe the controls will be a problem. I think they may be a problem for those who do not want to learn them for the game. That's just my opinion though. They also talked about the amiibo functionality and yes I will be picking up that Falco amiibo so that I can use the Black Arwing. As a matter of fact I may be doing all of my game caps in that Arwing. Overall I enjoyed the Treehouse presentation, I like those as you get to see how a game plays and they never spoil any story details when they are showing the gameplay. I will be playing this on Friday as I have mine on pre download. This was one of the games that I was looking forward to this year and I think that it will be worth the wait.

The Anime

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