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Impressions - TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

Available on PS4, PS3, XBONE, X360, and PC; version played XBONE

The Game
Much like Transformers Devastation was a love letter to fans of the Generation 1 Transformers series, I feel like Mutants in Manhattan is a love letter to the fans of the old school beat'em ups that the Turtles had in the late 80's and early 90's.  First of all this game is dripping with fan service. Platinum Studios did a really nice job on the action and game play here. As each brother feels as unique as the character is portrayed. For the most part the story revolves and a Kraang and Shredder team up to do something nefarious to the city. If you are a fan of the Ninja Turtles you should know that this was going to involve both of the baddies. The good thing about this is that the story itself was written by Tom Waltz who used to write the comic. The artstyle is amazing in this game, the world has a unique look and vibe to it that appeals to me.  The game, at least from an atistic standpoint pops es…

Film Review - X-Men Apocalypse

The Movie
Its taken me a few hours to gather my thoughts around what I have just seen and how to best give my opinions on that. I have said this before and I will say this again, for X-Men movies I have had to separate the comic book fan in me from the movie fan in me. I feel that doing the reviews this way is the best way to go so I will once again have to do this review in that manner. As normal there will be no spoilers in this review post, however, the podcast review will be spoiler filled. This film is set 10 years after Days of Future Past which means we are in 1983 for the setting of this movie. We find that Hank and Professor Xavier have opened the school for Gifted Youngsters. Erik is a factory worker in Poland and Mystique is helping mutants who are in need of help. All that changes when beneath the sands of 1980's Cairo, Egypt En Sabah Nur awakens. Disgusted by what he has awoken to he sets out to create a world in which only the strong survive. Will Xavier and the rest…

Impressions - Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

Available on PS4

The Game
Nathan Drake is back for another globe trotting adventure in Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 A Thief's End. Like I always do on my impressions posts I won't drop any spoilers or main story elements. Also just a heads up I have not been online yet so this will be about the main story mode. From a graphical standpoint Naughty Dog has outdone themselves. The game world has a distinct look and feels vibrant and full of life. If your character falls in mud you will see mud on their clothing. Same can be said about vehicles and different landscapes. There was a lot of attention to detail and care put in to the design of this game and you can tell from the very outset. There are a lot of places you get to visit, from the inside of a South American prison to an underwater cargo ship and even an orphanage. In all honesty I haven't seen to many games like it and this game proves what a team can do with time and an understanding of the hardware. If you are a fa…

Impressions - Overwatch Beta

will release on May 24, 2016; will be available on XBONE, PS4, and PC

What I Liked
So the Overwatch Beta wrapped up yesterday, Blizzard was kind enough to extend it out a day after seeing the response from gamers. I was able to get a few matches in during the window and was even able to get a couple of game caps (I sucked during those particular matches) in before my El Gato decided to act up. That being said I had a lot of fun playing the game. The character variety was great, I won't go through all of them but I found Hanzo and Tracer to be the ones for me. I seriously believe that there is a character for whatever playstyle you have for this game. The areas that they had available to play felt big but not so big that it would take you all day to find enemy players. Each character felt unique with some being easier to control than others, at least that was the case for me. Game play wise it is a first person shooter, however, not every character uses guns. Hanzo for example, has …

Film Review - Captain America Civil War

Film Review
Marvel has done it again. Don't worry this review will be spoiler free. I will have a spoiler filled review next week on the YouTube channel for those that are interested. The movie feels more like a Avengers story than a Captain America one due to the amount of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that are in the film. The central focus of the film is based around accountability. Captain America is against having a UN panel be over the Avengers while Iron Man is all for oversight. The movie does a great job of showing both sides of the conflict. You can sympathize and understand Cap's feelings because of everything that happened in the Winter Soldier. On the other hand you can also understand Tony's state of mind due to the guilt that he feels after the Ultron fiasco. I was TeamCap all the way on this even before watching the movie and after it was over I was still TeamCap. The movie has everything you love about the Marvel movies. It has action, come…