Film Review - Captain America Civil War

Film Review
Marvel has done it again. Don't worry this review will be spoiler free. I will have a spoiler filled review next week on the YouTube channel for those that are interested. The movie feels more like a Avengers story than a Captain America one due to the amount of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that are in the film. The central focus of the film is based around accountability. Captain America is against having a UN panel be over the Avengers while Iron Man is all for oversight. The movie does a great job of showing both sides of the conflict. You can sympathize and understand Cap's feelings because of everything that happened in the Winter Soldier. On the other hand you can also understand Tony's state of mind due to the guilt that he feels after the Ultron fiasco. I was TeamCap all the way on this even before watching the movie and after it was over I was still TeamCap. The movie has everything you love about the Marvel movies. It has action, comedy, and great characters. There are two characters in this movie that stand out to me and that is Black Panther and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman do a great job of not only bringing their characters in but actually setting up their own movies. This may be the best version of Spidey we have seen on film yet and to be perfectly honest Black Panther had the best lines in the entire movie. That being said every character gets there chance to shine in the film. Oh and that airport fight you see in the TV Spots and trailers, believe me when I tell you you haven't seen anything. Trust me they did not spoil that fight as that is one of the best action sequences I have seen in an superhero movie to date. The movie itself is paced well. There are slow moments but they don't really last that long or drag on in my opinion. Now you may know how I feel about the Marvel villains and how they portray them. In this movie I like how they did the villain and how they made everything come together. The villain in this movie actually succeeds in doing what he set out to do, when you actually think about it. In all honesty, there was nothing that I didn't like about this movie. If anything I wanted Spidey and Panther to have more screen time but this movie wasn't exactly about them and they got way more than I thought they were going to get.

For Parents
Let me put it to you like this, if they watched Winter Soldier they can watch this one. I will say this though the movie is two and half hours, however, like I said earlier it is paced well. Also there are two after credits scenes. One is the mid credits and the other is after the credits finish rolling. They are both good and have to do with my two favorite characters from the movie.

The Verdict
If you can't tell this is getting a FULL PRICE/BUY ON BLU RAY from me. It is a great movie that actually does a good job of setting up some stuff that will come later. I honestly don't see how anyone can not like this movie especially if you have been following along with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Great movie to open the summer with in my opinion.


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