Film Review - X-Men Apocalypse

The Movie
Its taken me a few hours to gather my thoughts around what I have just seen and how to best give my opinions on that. I have said this before and I will say this again, for X-Men movies I have had to separate the comic book fan in me from the movie fan in me. I feel that doing the reviews this way is the best way to go so I will once again have to do this review in that manner. As normal there will be no spoilers in this review post, however, the podcast review will be spoiler filled. This film is set 10 years after Days of Future Past which means we are in 1983 for the setting of this movie. We find that Hank and Professor Xavier have opened the school for Gifted Youngsters. Erik is a factory worker in Poland and Mystique is helping mutants who are in need of help. All that changes when beneath the sands of 1980's Cairo, Egypt En Sabah Nur awakens. Disgusted by what he has awoken to he sets out to create a world in which only the strong survive. Will Xavier and the rest of the X-Men be enough to stop Apocalypse and his horseman from destroying the earth? I will admit that for this movie I had low expectations when I walked in to the theater. I was hesitant because Apocalypse is one of my favorite X villains and Singer and his crew aren't well known for staying true to character. This film, in my opinion suffers from blockbuster-itis, in other words let's throw cg at the screen in certain parts of the movie. At its best the movie does a great job of showing the relationships between characters at its worst there are some characters who have so little screen time there was absolutely no point to them being in the movie. One such character is one of my favorite X-Men, there was truly no point to her character being in the film at all nor them making a big deal about the casting when she was cast. There are some characters in the film that are well known characters in the comics and are reduced to nothing more than glorified bodyguards. Another of my issues with the movie is that it is obvious that the writers knew very little about the Apocalypse character and it shows in the film. I know that a lot of people made the Ivan Ooze jokes myself included, but it does look bad especially when they do close ups. I wonder if it would have been better to just CG him and cast an actor to do a voiceover. Yes, people the autotune was a little bit much, I didn't mind Oscar Isaac in the role its just they did that whisper to yell acting and to me it just wasn't working. What did work for me was Quicksilver and Nightcrawler. Quicksilver gets another amazing sequence in this movie that topped what they did in Days of Future Past. As much as I tend to like Jennifer Lawrence in movies it seems like she didn't want to be in this one for some reason. Maybe she was told to dial it back, I don't know but to me it just seemed like she was sleep walking through it.  McAvoy and Fassbender were great but then again when have they not been on point in these movies. Outside of a gratuitous cameo that in all honesty could have been left out of the film in its entirety and the movie would have been fine (just so you know that scene that I am talking about is actually my favorite scene of the movie, it just didn't need to be in the movie). The climatic battle in the movie is okay I can't really say its something I have never seen before because I have seen it done on that scale before and the resolution while I have my reasons for calling BS on it it does fit within the narrative of the movie. On a bright note each character that uses their powers have a nice moment to shine and I thought that was well done at the very least.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13. Like Days of Future Past outside of some foul language its not a bad film. If they have seen any of the other X-films or superhero films in general don't know why they wouldn't be allowed to see this one. Its one of those situations by now you should know what you're getting yourself into with these movies.

The Verdict
This movie kinda hurt me a little. As an X-Men fan I am still waiting on a proper X-Men movie that pays respect to the characters and stories I enjoyed as a teenager and that I still enjoy today. As a fan of movies I would like to see what another director and writing team could do if 20th Century Fox would allow it. The movie is two and half hours long and in my honest opinion it doesn't need to be, I also believe that Apocalypse deserved at the very least a two movie build up instead of the one and done that they did with this film.  That being said I give this movie a RENTAL. I wanted to give this a matinee but that gratuitous cameo should not have even been in there. There is an after credits scene that seems to be setting up something that was alluded to in the Wolverine 3 casting so we'll just have to wait and see.


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