Impressions - Overwatch Beta

will release on May 24, 2016; will be available on XBONE, PS4, and PC

What I Liked
So the Overwatch Beta wrapped up yesterday, Blizzard was kind enough to extend it out a day after seeing the response from gamers. I was able to get a few matches in during the window and was even able to get a couple of game caps (I sucked during those particular matches) in before my El Gato decided to act up. That being said I had a lot of fun playing the game. The character variety was great, I won't go through all of them but I found Hanzo and Tracer to be the ones for me. I seriously believe that there is a character for whatever playstyle you have for this game. The areas that they had available to play felt big but not so big that it would take you all day to find enemy players. Each character felt unique with some being easier to control than others, at least that was the case for me. Game play wise it is a first person shooter, however, not every character uses guns. Hanzo for example, has a bow and arrow and Genji uses shurikens and a sword. Overwatch gives the first person genre a nice change up and gives players more variety in the weapons department than we're used to getting. For the beta it was your standard beat the other team while protecting objective style setup. There were, however, different modes were available including a training mode so that players could get used to the controls. This mode was a great idea since this game is a little different from your traditional first person shooter.

What I Disliked
While I overall enjoyed my experience with the beta there were a few things that I didn't like. First, I wish there was a third person viewpoint. The art style is so good and the characters are so varied and unique that I think that giving the players the option between a first or third person view would have been a nice gameplay feature. Another thing that I noticed is that while there were variety in the different maps you could visit it seemed like the game play centered around just an escort mission. I know this was probably just for the Beta but I thought that maybe there would be one or two more mission types. I didn't get dropped from any game that I played during my game play sessions but there was a little lag whenever there was a fire fight going on in game. Other than that I thought that the Beta was very well done.

Final Thoughts
I liked it, I can't lie. Personally, I won't be picking this up at launch as I can't find a way to fit it in my budget at this point in time. I will say this though if you are a fan of MMO type games more specifically the Team Fortress games I think this will be a good pick up for you. If you have played the Beta let me know what you think in the comments.

Game Play Vid

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