Impressions - TMNT Mutants in Manhattan

Available on PS4, PS3, XBONE, X360, and PC; version played XBONE

The Game
Much like Transformers Devastation was a love letter to fans of the Generation 1 Transformers series, I feel like Mutants in Manhattan is a love letter to the fans of the old school beat'em ups that the Turtles had in the late 80's and early 90's.  First of all this game is dripping with fan service. Platinum Studios did a really nice job on the action and game play here. As each brother feels as unique as the character is portrayed. For the most part the story revolves and a Kraang and Shredder team up to do something nefarious to the city. If you are a fan of the Ninja Turtles you should know that this was going to involve both of the baddies. The good thing about this is that the story itself was written by Tom Waltz who used to write the comic. The artstyle is amazing in this game, the world has a unique look and vibe to it that appeals to me.  The game, at least from an atistic standpoint pops especially characters like Bebop. You have seen this in the trailer but he has a chainsaw looks orange and on fire. When you're fighting him it makes for a cool visual.  As a matter of fact most of the bosses has something that makes them standout from the rest.  As for the Turtles themselves they feel like they are who they are, Leo is the leader, Donnie is the tech guy/nerd/geek, Raph is a massive ball of rage, and Mikey is Mikey.  Where I am in the game the story is classic TMNT, but with a little of that Platinum Studios flair.

The Game Play
Now here is where people are probably going to have an issue. The combat consists of a beat'em up style with different special moves that can be leveled up over the course of the game. There are also various weapons that you can buy via the store that can help you out during missions. Some people may say that this game is repetitive but I beg to differ. Basically, this is an action game which means there are going to be your fodder enemies (regular foot clan), your lieutenants (foot clan with different colors associated to them), and your bosses. This is true of pretty much all action games so I don't know why people love to say repetitive. If you are playing the single player experience it will be a good idea to strategize what specials you would like to give to which turtle as you can and will be switching between the brothers during the game. There are some pretty good team up attacks in the game. Game play to me is Platinum's bread and butter and I think that in this game its good as well. The problem comes in controlling your brothers, as they tend to have a mind of their own and I noticed in my playthroughs when I would give an order sometimes they would follow sometimes they wouldn't. I have yet to play the multiplayer portion I plan on doing that with some members of the Gamers @ Large but as of now I have only played the single player. All in all the game play reminds me a lot of Transformers Devastation, which isn't a bad thing but it does have some of the same faults that game had as well.  Now I have heard about the length of this game and some people are upset about that personally, I am indifferent to it as I am finding the game enjoyable.  Also playing the game on different difficulties changes up the stage objectives, which I find to be awesome. Gives me an incentive to play the game on every difficulty.

The Sounds
The voice acting in this game is great. The dialog in the story is good and the jokes for the most part work for me. On the music side of things I think that the music they have is okay, nothing to really write home about.  Like Transformers, this game does a good job in the voice acting department.  Got me wondering what old school game are they getting next. G.I. Joe, Voltron maybe? Whatever it is I will more than likely be done to get it.  This game is fan service on steroids, looking forward to playing the rest of it.

Game Play Vid

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