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First Impressions - Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Available on PS4, PSVita, PS3; version played PS4

The Game
This game is a remake of the PS2 classic from VanillaWare. The VanillaWare games are known for their art style and side scrolling game play, this particular game is arguably one of their best efforts. The game tells the story of five different protagonists and how their individual stories are connected. I am actually glad that this title got remastered as I didn't get a chance to play this one when it originally released on the PS2. One of the things that VanillaWare does well is the art style. The art style in this game pops and helps to make the game unique. The story can get a little much at times but I think that overall it works because this game is basically telling a story from five different viewpoints. Also I have a soft spot for side scrollers, especially ones where time was taken and showcased in the art style.

The Game Play
This game has elements of an action rpg but has more of a side scrolling beat'em up ty…

Film Review - Central Intelligence

The Movie
This movie has a certain kind of feel to it that I can't lie I enjoyed. The movie revolves around Bob Stone (The Rock) who, in high school was bullied, returns to his High School Reunion looking like The Rock. There he runs in to Calvin Joyner (Hart) the one person who helped him, when he was bullied. Apparently, Stone needs Calvin's skill set as an accountant to help stop a plot to give terrorists access to the US spy satellites. When it comes down to it this is a  buddy cop movie. I am not going to lie at first look you think that Kevin Hart would be playing that annoying character but he really isn't in this one. I enjoyed the banter that the Rock and Hart had and I think the movie really shines when they are on screen. Also the Rock is hilarious in this movie. The things they have him doing had me losing it in the theater. The action in the movie is done well and has some good comedic elements to it. There are a couple of cameos in this movie that are funny a…

Series Review - Voltron Legendary Defender Season 1

Available on NetFlix

Season 1
If you are a fan of the original series from the 80's I think its safe to say that you have heard about this remake. From the same team that produced the Avatar and Legend of Korra animations comes this new version that updates and modernizes the series. The series revolves around five space explorers who are chosen to be pilots/paladins for the five Voltron lions. They will have to learn to work together as a team if they hope to defeat Emperor Zarkon and bring peace to the universe. Sounds pretty straightforward, right. Over the course of the eleven episode season (episode one is over an hour long with the rest of the episodes being 23 min) each of the paladins will be tested and you get to see each of their motivations. There is a good mix of action, comedy, and drama in the series. The animation is a mix of CG and hand drawn animation and it looks really good. Each of the five lions look unique and have different sizes. For example, the blue and ye…

e3 2016 - And now Nintendo

Nintendo e3 2016
As most people who stay up on gaming news are aware Nintendo once again decided to switch up their e3 approach opting to not have a conference or a Digital Event this year. The majority of their presence would be based on the new Legend of Zelda game and a few more titles. This would be the Treehouse Live event that they have been doing for the past few e3's. I, myself, love the Treehouse events as they show the games as they are being played and holding discussions with the developers at the same time. Its a great way for gamers to get to see the game in action and see what choices were made by the developers etc. What they were focused on today was Pokemon Sun and Moon and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Pokemon Sun and Moon
In all honesty they showed off the new region, which looks pretty big but for some reason the game play looked mostly unchanged. The thing that I did like that they mentioned was the four player battle royal. Basically four players a…

e3 2016 - The Story So Far.....

e3 2016 My Thoughts
What's up people's. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the show so far. Overall I think the show has been way better than last year's presentation. Microsoft and Sony both did great jobs overall and both came with their fair share of surprises. I am happy that the focus is on gaming and not console stats i.e. how many units were sold this year. There have been some new IPs shown that have certainly caught my eye and a few games that have completely left me confused and dumbfounded. Without further ado here are a few of the games that I am looking forward to in the coming months.

Horizon Zero Dawn: This game got a sweet gameplay session during the Sony conference and there is a release date for this title, 2-28-17. The game looks amazing and I have to say that this will be a day one buy for me.South Park The Fractured But Whole: Yeah, if you saw Ubisoft's conference and are a fan of South Park you are more than likely going to pick this one…

Film Review - WarCraft

The Movie
This is an interesting movie to say the least. I will admit that I am not the most versed person when it comes to Warcraft lore. I played the game but it was a very long time ago and I am not even counting that I had played it at this point. That being said I thought that it was a fun movie. A movie problems mind you but still a fun movie. I hate to have to say this but I feel like there will be two camps for this movie. The average movie goer and the Warcraft gaming fan and I feel that's how most of the reviews for this movie have went so far. There were a lot of things that I liked about this movie. For one I thought that the acting was great. The majority of actors did a good job in there roles and to be honest some of the best acting came from the non human elements of the film. That's not to say that the human element was bad as I thought that they did a good job as well. The CG in this movie is some of the best I have seen in a long time. The amount of detail t…

Film Review - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows

The Movie
Not to be confused with the game that came out a couple of years ago, Out of the Shadows is the sequel to the 2014 TMNT reboot. While I did have very strong feelings about that film and how they treated the source material, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I went into this movie with low expectations especially with how the first one left me feeling and to me they fixed a lot of the issues I had with that film. In this film the turtles have settled in to being New York's heroes from the shadows. The Shredder is in prison and the Foot Clan hasn't been seen in a while. However, all that changes when the Shredder is freed during a prison transfer by Baxter Stockman, who is using alien tech to build a portal powerful enough to bring an alien general to Earth to help conquer the planet.  I like how the focus was placed on the turtles and not their human friends. In other words there was no 30 minute Megan Fox focus this time. Actually, her role was more akin to what…

Comic Pulls - Power Man and Iron Fist

So I haven't really been talking comics in a while as I have toned down on the number of books I have been reading/collecting but I wanted to start back doing that so here is a recommendation straight from yours truly.

My Thoughts
I have just recently finished the first arc of the new Power Man and Iron Fist comic and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Before I give my usual opinions let me just say I have always been a fan of Luke Cage and Danny Rand. Even though I am more of an X-Men fan for some reason their books have always been a fun read for me. That being said I found myself enjoying the first arc even though it had a few hiccups. The first arc revolves around answering the question are the two of them back together as a team. Through the first four issues this being asked by pretty much everyone and its mostly done in an hilarious way. You have B, C, and D list villains mad because they can't stand them individually and even more so when they are teaming up. You ha…