Comic Pulls - Power Man and Iron Fist

So I haven't really been talking comics in a while as I have toned down on the number of books I have been reading/collecting but I wanted to start back doing that so here is a recommendation straight from yours truly.

My Thoughts
I have just recently finished the first arc of the new Power Man and Iron Fist comic and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Before I give my usual opinions let me just say I have always been a fan of Luke Cage and Danny Rand. Even though I am more of an X-Men fan for some reason their books have always been a fun read for me. That being said I found myself enjoying the first arc even though it had a few hiccups. The first arc revolves around answering the question are the two of them back together as a team. Through the first four issues this being asked by pretty much everyone and its mostly done in an hilarious way. You have B, C, and D list villains mad because they can't stand them individually and even more so when they are teaming up. You have B and C list heroes trying to figure out if they back together as well. For the first four issues there are some notable guest appearances and cameos which work very well in my opinion. Personally, I think that the humorous tone helps the narrative and is one of the things I most enjoyed about this arc. That brings me to the artwork. The art and style of the book are awesome in my opinion. I think the art compliments the tone of the book as well. The character interactions are awesome in my opinion. From Danny thinking that Jessica hates him to Tombstone's henchman complaining about his whisper yells are done in a way that feels both realistic and weird in a way. That brings me to Jessica. I have read some reviews where some critics thought that she was being relagated to nothing more than a nagging wife. To me the first arc isn't about her, its about Danny and Luke I am glad she is in it but the arc is about her husband and his best friend. To some she came off as a nagging wife but to me she wasn't, if anything she was concerned. Everytime he went to meet Danny a fight ensues that winds up on Youtube and his clothes ripped up, I think her reactions are like any woman that would be in that situation. I actually think that she will probably have a more hands on approach in future issues, which would be just fine by me. There were a few things that I didn't like with the series so far and one is the portrayal of Iron Fist. Sometimes Danny came off as a kid that was way to hyper, I can understand him wanting to start back being a Hero for Hire but sometimes he came off a little much. I also didn't like the actual villains for the arc Black Mariah and Jennie Royce. Let me take that back I like them, I just don't like how they were used. I thought that the climatic fight could have used a little more tension. The stakes didn't need to be high but there could have been a little more tension added to the battle. As it happened the ending was actually kind of nice in its own way. I feel like this could be a good series and hopefully others will give it a read.

For Parents
There isn't anything really bad in the comic. Its actually more humorous than most people would believe. There is actually a funny thing that Cage does now because he got in trouble for swearing around Danielle. Its really funny and I think married couples would get the joke and parallels in that situation.

I think that this series is a good addition to any comic readers pull list. Especially if you are a fan of the Heroes for Hire and buddy cop stories in general. I really think that this book is going to just get better. It also helps that the NetFlix stuff is helping to introduce people to the characters. Check it out when you have a chance.

Images from
Writer: David Walker
Artist: Sanford Greene

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