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Nintendo e3 2016
As most people who stay up on gaming news are aware Nintendo once again decided to switch up their e3 approach opting to not have a conference or a Digital Event this year. The majority of their presence would be based on the new Legend of Zelda game and a few more titles. This would be the Treehouse Live event that they have been doing for the past few e3's. I, myself, love the Treehouse events as they show the games as they are being played and holding discussions with the developers at the same time. Its a great way for gamers to get to see the game in action and see what choices were made by the developers etc. What they were focused on today was Pokemon Sun and Moon and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Pokemon Sun and Moon
In all honesty they showed off the new region, which looks pretty big but for some reason the game play looked mostly unchanged. The thing that I did like that they mentioned was the four player battle royal. Basically four players attack each other and the player whose Pokemon lands the finishing blow on any of the other participants wins the entire match. When they demoed it during the Treehouse event it was pretty cool. The new Pokemon game will be out this November for the 3DS.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
This is the game I have been waiting for and the majority of the event was dedicated to that game. A lot of the vids are up on the Nintendo YouTube channel and they are in small increments mostly being 30 minutes in length. What I would like to cover is what I found interesting about the presentation. There wasn't much of the story given today which is fine seeing as how the game will not release until March of next year. That being said a nice amount of information was released today. One of the first things seen in the game play portion was that Link was in a Resurrection chamber. Once again we don't know why but this is just how the game starts. They kept the inventory system from Skyward Sword and expanded upon it, also you can pick up enemy weapons and use them just like you could in Wind Waker except this time you can keep them in your inventory. What they showed during the Treehouse event is the Great Plateau but according to Reggie this is just a small portion of the game. The game looks amazing from the art design to the music to the sheer vastness of the landscape. There will also be amiibo support as well as three new amiibo that will be released around the time of the game. There will be more to come in the coming months according to Reggie so I am looking forward to it, that game is my most anticipated game of 2017.


Don't forget to check out Nintendo's YouTube channel tomorrow as the Treehouse Live Events will still be going on full steam. Also don't forget to check out the Gamers @ Large YouTube channel to hear the crew's reactions to all of the main e3 conferences.

Images via Nintendo Website

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