Film Review - Central Intelligence

The Movie
This movie has a certain kind of feel to it that I can't lie I enjoyed. The movie revolves around Bob Stone (The Rock) who, in high school was bullied, returns to his High School Reunion looking like The Rock. There he runs in to Calvin Joyner (Hart) the one person who helped him, when he was bullied. Apparently, Stone needs Calvin's skill set as an accountant to help stop a plot to give terrorists access to the US spy satellites. When it comes down to it this is a  buddy cop movie. I am not going to lie at first look you think that Kevin Hart would be playing that annoying character but he really isn't in this one. I enjoyed the banter that the Rock and Hart had and I think the movie really shines when they are on screen. Also the Rock is hilarious in this movie. The things they have him doing had me losing it in the theater. The action in the movie is done well and has some good comedic elements to it. There are a couple of cameos in this movie that are funny as well. I won't spoil them here but let's just say one of the bullies at the beginning of the film gets what he deserves. I did have a couple of problems with the movie and the problems that I had are the kind that you find with buddy cop type films. The movie is predictable. I mean if you have watched any Lethal Weapon or Beverly Hills Cop you should be able to tell who the bad guy is and how everything went down about half way through the movie. As much as I liked the comedy I felt a few of the shenanigans went on a little to long. Other than that I think that this movie's strength is in its two leads as they make the movie pretty enjoyable.

For Parents
The movie is PG-13 and its not to bad in all honesty. There is a pretty jacked up scene of bullying in the movie, its in the trailers, but you see the whole thing in the movie and its kind of jacked up. As a matter of fact one of the themes of this movie revolves around repressing memories and bullying. There is a little language but nothing to bad. There are action sequences as well but no gore or anything like that in the film.

The Verdict
I am going to give this movie a MATINEE. I liked it, its a fun little comedy. I feel that the movie going public will get a lot of good laughs out of it even with the predictability of the film. Also its right under two hours and is paced well.

The Trailer

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