Film Review - WarCraft

The Movie
This is an interesting movie to say the least. I will admit that I am not the most versed person when it comes to Warcraft lore. I played the game but it was a very long time ago and I am not even counting that I had played it at this point. That being said I thought that it was a fun movie. A movie problems mind you but still a fun movie. I hate to have to say this but I feel like there will be two camps for this movie. The average movie goer and the Warcraft gaming fan and I feel that's how most of the reviews for this movie have went so far. There were a lot of things that I liked about this movie. For one I thought that the acting was great. The majority of actors did a good job in there roles and to be honest some of the best acting came from the non human elements of the film. That's not to say that the human element was bad as I thought that they did a good job as well. The CG in this movie is some of the best I have seen in a long time. The amount of detail that was put into everything is astonishing. There was a lot of time taken to make sure that everything was done right and I think that made an impact. Even if you haven't played the game you have to have seen something about the game as they have had numerous commercials and other forms of media. The movie has a Lord of the Rings type feel to it but I think that it helps the film out as that is relatable to most movie goers. Now there are some things that I didn't like and one of them is if you don't know anything about the Warcraft lore you may end up confused by some of the things going on in the movie. There are plot holes in the movie, like huge gaping plot holes, some are taken care of if you know the lore some maybe lying on the cutting room floor. The orcs are really the best part of the movie, the human side of the film can and does get boring at times. That leads me to the pacing of the film. It is off, to the point where it has you questioning certain characters actions in the film. For some reason I feel like this movie is going to have or should have a Director's Cut or Extended Edition.

For Parents
This movie is rated PG-13. There is violence in it and while you don't see much blood and gore, they do a very good job of making the viewer feel the blows and impacts. That being said this is a fantasy adventure film so if your kids can handle Lord of the Rings then they can handle this film as well. Also the film clocks in at two hours and three minutes so it isn't to long.

The Verdict
To me you have to see this movie in the theater to get a full understanding to how well it was made from a visual standpoint. Although this movie does have its fair share of issues, the way that it ends is an obvious setup for more films. I am going to give this a MATINEE. Its a good afternoon summertime movie. The action is well done and the visuals are amazing. Just know that you may have a lot of questions once it is over.

The Trailer

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