First Impressions - Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Available on PS4, PSVita, PS3; version played PS4

The Game
This game is a remake of the PS2 classic from VanillaWare. The VanillaWare games are known for their art style and side scrolling game play, this particular game is arguably one of their best efforts. The game tells the story of five different protagonists and how their individual stories are connected. I am actually glad that this title got remastered as I didn't get a chance to play this one when it originally released on the PS2. One of the things that VanillaWare does well is the art style. The art style in this game pops and helps to make the game unique. The story can get a little much at times but I think that overall it works because this game is basically telling a story from five different viewpoints. Also I have a soft spot for side scrollers, especially ones where time was taken and showcased in the art style.

The Game Play
This game has elements of an action rpg but has more of a side scrolling beat'em up type feel to the game. Each character has a unique skill set and moves can be added to a shortcut menu ala Kingdom Hearts 2. There is also a cooking system in game and your character has to find recipes before they can obtain certain dishes. If you have played any game in the Tales of series then you know how this particular piece of game play works. Its a good idea to find as many recipes as you can as they can give different types of bonuses. Alchemy is another important part of game play in this game as it allows a character to mix certain collectibles together to make even stronger items. This can come in handy in a boss fight or any hard battle. The battles in this game can range from easy to extremely difficult if your character is not prepared. However, I will say this, once you get the hang of everything and your characters unique moveset it makes things easier. Its not a game that gets frustrating in my opinion but it can get quite challenging if you come across an area unprepared.

Wrap UP
There isn't anything in this game I found to be bad. It is a one player game and it is easy to pick up and play. There are multiple endings so be sure to try and find everything that you can in the game. At the point I am at in the game I think that it is a fun game that is worth a pickup especially if you missed the game when it was originally released on the PS2.

Game Play

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