Series Review - Voltron Legendary Defender Season 1

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Season 1
If you are a fan of the original series from the 80's I think its safe to say that you have heard about this remake. From the same team that produced the Avatar and Legend of Korra animations comes this new version that updates and modernizes the series. The series revolves around five space explorers who are chosen to be pilots/paladins for the five Voltron lions. They will have to learn to work together as a team if they hope to defeat Emperor Zarkon and bring peace to the universe. Sounds pretty straightforward, right. Over the course of the eleven episode season (episode one is over an hour long with the rest of the episodes being 23 min) each of the paladins will be tested and you get to see each of their motivations. There is a good mix of action, comedy, and drama in the series. The animation is a mix of CG and hand drawn animation and it looks really good. Each of the five lions look unique and have different sizes. For example, the blue and yellow lions are larger than the red and green lions with the black lion being bigger than all of the other lions. It makes sense when you see them combine. They have made a few changes to the series that I think people will like a lot. One change I won't mention here as it is a big spoiler, however, what they have done with Princess Allura is pretty cool. I also like the fact that the Castle of Lions is actually a giant galactic cruiser. I also like how they made each of the lions act like their paladin. For example, Keith is hot tempered and his red lion tends to be the same way. In this way there is a connection between the lion and its paladin which in the season finale gave some clues about where they can go in the next season. As much as I enjoyed this season there were a couple of things that I think they could have done better and maybe the issues I had will get addressed next season if they get one. The first thing is that there wasn't any real character development for Zarkon and Haggar outside of they are evil. We learned a little bit about Zarkon in the season finale but in 23 minutes there was only so much they could do. Also if the Galra had conquered that much of the universe there was no resistance at all. I would think that some other planet or at least there would be some resistance in place. Also I would like to learn more about the Galra Empire as well as the Alteans. We don't really know anything about either outside of one side being ridiculously powerful and the other side being damn near extinct. Hopefully this will be discussed in the next season. I also wouldn't mind learning about the previous paladins. Other than that I don't really have any complaints as the series is very good especially since this is a modernization of an older property. These usually go very bad, I'm just glad that this one is good.

For Parents
This one is good for both the little ones and adults that grew up on the original show. There is some fighting in it as it is an action series but nothing to crazy. I didn't see anything that would be a problem for children plus the show is only 23 minutes each episode with the exception of the first one. I will say this about the season it is easily bingable as just about every episode ends on a cliffhanger.

The Verdict
I'll make this quick and easy. WATCH THIS SHOW. It is an awesome take on the Voltron mythos and I look forward to seeing where they go with this show in the future.


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