Comic Book Pull/Recommendation: Black Panther

The Comic
If you watched Captain America Civil War there were a few standout perfomances. One of which being Chadwick Boseman's portrayal of the Wakandan Prince T'Challa. The comic has recently had a reemergence of sorts and is currently one of my favorite books. The first arc, A Nation Under Our Feet, wrapped up in issue four and it deals with T'Challa feeling the weight of the crown after numerous attacks to Wakanda and a full blown revolution at his doorstep. Ta-Nehisi Coates has done an excellent job of crafting a story that gives the reader a look into Wakanda and just how much the issues there are affecting the King. Wakanda feels like a real place and Coates does an awesome job making the country feel alive. Brian Stelfreeze also does an amazing job on the artwork. I find his artwork to be vibrant and I am able to see the action as well as the important moments of drama. One of my pet peeves in comics is when the artist's work is so wild where you, as the reader cannot tell what is going on. That irks me but Stelfreeze's work is clean and clear and I appreciate that immensely. I won't spoil anything from this arc but I will say that this arc deals with a lot of issues but handles them in a way that is not overbearing. I never felt exhausted reading each comic as they have been well paced. If I have a complaint its that this book only comes out monthly and its not bi-monthly. Honestly peeps it is a really good book and I think that most comic book fans that are fans of the super hero genre or that just want to know more about the Panther, this is a good jumping on point for you.

For Parents
This is your typical super hero genre comic book. There is some violence and they do deal with a lot of real world issues. There isn't anything that I would say is bad about the book. I whole heartedly recommend this book for fans of all ages.

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