First Impressions - I Am Setsuna

Available on PS4, PSVita, and PC; Version on PS4

The Game
Sometimes it just feels good to play a game that hearkens back to the height of JRPGs. I Am Setsuna is a title that aims to hit all of the players nostaglia for the JRPGs of the early and mid 90's. The game's story follows the title character of Setsuna as she embarks on a journey of sacrifice to help stop the influx of monsters from terrorizing her world. Your character is a mercenary who is hired to kill her but winds up accompanying her on her journey. Will he kill her before she is able to sacrifice herself in the Last Lands? Well you have to play the game to find out. If you have ever played Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana then you have a pretty good idea how this game will play. The battle system for the game takes its cues from Chrono Trigger and its a system where you must pay attention and think ahead in order to be successful. Tokyo RPG Factory has done an awesome job in my opinion with the gameplay as well as the story. At the point that I am in the game the story is getting good and dealing with different issues within the game's journey. Like most JRPG's there is a lot of customization that players are able to play with, I am having fun just playing around with the different options. Each characters moveset is varied and unique. This adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay as only three characters are active at any one time. Its all about the preparation. This game can get really challenging really quick if you run into a situation unprepared and without thinking things through can be extremely detrimental to your success.

The Gameplay/Soundtrack
This game uses a turn-based style of RPG. While it is turn-based the game plays a lot like Chrono Trigger from a gameplay standpoint. I know some people aren't really a fan of the turn-based style of gameplay but fights happen pretty quickly. The pace is picked up for battles which is why I said earlier that it is a good idea to think a couple of moves ahead. Certain characters have combo attacks that deal a lot of damage but usually use a lot of SP, which allows your character to do special moves. Utilizing these moves at the right time is important because the last thing you want to do is use up a combo and you still need a big move to finish off a boss battle. Yeah, the boss battles in this game can get pretty hectic pretty quick, that being said if you pace yourself you should be fine. Me, personally, I am a kill every monster that moves so that I can level up type of player. Especially with this type of game since I have found that monsters tend to respawn once you leave a particular area and come back. The soundtrack is also very nostalgic, in that it invokes that feel of JRPGs from the past. There isn't voice acting, at least I haven't heard any, but I don't particularly think that the game needs it per se. The music isn't bad and I don't mind the battle music at all. All in all I think that the music fits the tone of the game perfectly.

Final Thoughts
The game, in my opinion, is a lot of fun. The visuals are great especially on the monsters. There is variety in the monster and character design and it gives the game its own style and flow. If I did have one gripe about the game so far its that the difficulty seems to fluctuate and at odd times. I think that this is a game that fans of old school JRPG's can enjoy as well as bringing in new players. Tokyo RPG Factory did a great job on this game, in my opinion and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

The Trailer

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