Thoughts on DC's Rebirth

A few month's back DC went through a new comic event entitled Rebirth. Rebirth was meant to be a return to form for the comic company and be a departure from the issues that plagued the New 52. There was a lot of talk before the relaunch of bringing back the themes from before the New 52's launch. The initial book which focused on Wally West trying to connect with someone before the speed force bascially "blinked" him out of existance was a very good book that served to show the DC multiverse and how certain characters were affected. I won't get into the specifics but to me it was a nice start off to the Rebirth line. Another thing that I like about this particular relaunch is the fact that the books are $2.99. DC my wallet thanks thee. That being said there are a few books that have caught my eye and that I am currently following. There is also one that I want to get in to but will have to wait until it drops as DC has taken a staggered release on some of their books. Below are a few of the books that I am reading now from the Rebirth line.

One of the biggest things that happened at the end of New 52 was the fact that there were two Clark Kents. Of course the other Clark was married to Lois and had a son, this of course meant that one of these Supermen was gonna have to go. The Superman that died was the New 52 Clark Kent, this left the other Clark having to take up the mantle of Superman again but this time in a world like his but not his so to speak. One of the things that I like about this book so far is the family dynamic. Usually that doesn't work for me in comics because for some reason I feel like some authors try to force the issue. However, I am liking the way it is being presented here. I like how Clark is trying to teach his son and help him with his powers, especially since he knows what he is about to go through. Its an interesting take with Clark acting like an increasingly worried parent when Jon's powers start to kick in but at add times and only certain abilities are manifesting. I plan on sticking with this one as Superman is one of my favorite comic characters and I actually like how this book pacing itself so far.

Justice League
Another DC comic that I am enjoying is Justice League. The rebirth comic actually has the team dealing with the death of their Clark Kent and the arrival of this "newer" Clark Kent. Of course, Batman doesn't trust him (big surprise there), but also having the rest of the team be so apprehensive is making for an interesting take on the League. In the first two issues its obvious they need his help as they are fighting a world wide threat but they don't know if they should trust him and he doesn't even know if he should help. Of course we all know that he has to, I mean he is the man at DC you can't have the Justice League without Superman. So far it is interesting to me but then again I do like the team dynamic. They did switch up the team a little so it may throw people off.

Wonder Woman
In the New 52 the Wonder Woman book was awesome. While it did have its hiccups, all stories do, I found it to be a more consistent title. This book looks to keep the tradition going. With a new mystery surrounding Diana's family, this book is shaping up quite nicely. Diana Prince has always been one of my favorite heroines and I don't think that will be changing anytime soon. I like the art of this book a lot as I think it matches the overall tone of the book. If you have a chance check it out as it is a really good read.

Honorable Mentions
One of the books that I want to add to my pull list from the Rebirth line is the new Teen Titans book with Damian Wayne running the team. I like the character of Damian and I am looking forward to his interaction with Jonathan Kent. A lot of the promo art show the two of them together so it should make for a fun book. I have heard nothing but good things about the Flash. I have not read it yet but the guys at the comic book store say that I should drop one of my other ones and pick up that one. I may wind up doing just that, one can never know with me. I have also heard good things about the ?Green Lantern book but I haven't really been into Green Lantern like that, however, if it is good and I can be convinced I will give it a try.

Well those are my thoughts on DC's Rebirth. Have you read any of those books? If you have which ones do you like or recommend?

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