Film Review - The Magnificent 7

The Movie
If you don't know this movie is a remake of the original 1960 film of the same name. This movie, however, has been updated and has an incredibly diverse cast. The plot of the film is very straightforward. Hardworking homesteaders in a town in the Wild West where gold has been found are being threatened by evil douche land baron. Enter an ecletic mix of men with various skill sets to defend the town from evil douche and evil douche's army. I think you get the point. This movie hits and gives viewers everything they love and hate about Westerns. Yeah the story gets hella predictable. There are two big shoot out scenes. There is a "high noon type" scene between hero and villain. There heroes are insanely accurate shots, while the villains are pretty much cannon fodder at points. And of course there is the customary Gatlin Gun scene. Yes, there will be some cliched points in the film but much like my Suicide Squad review; I feel this films greatest strength is the actors. You love the seven, those guys are awesome, you would go drinking with them just so you could hear their stories. I did have a few problems with the movie and they stem from a couple of scenes felt like they were missing. Some characters didn't get enough of a backstory told on their particular lives. I understand that we have a limited amount of time but there are a couple of characters that I think they should have went a little more in detail with their backgrounds. Also, I think that the problem was with the villain of the film. I like Peter Skaarsgard but there were points where there was just no rhyme or reason to what he was doing, he was just evil.  I normally have no problem with this but there is an issue that happens in the movie between him and Denzel Washington's character that I think should have been gone into in a little bit of detail than what they actually did in the movie. This another movie that I feel the critics are judging this based off of the original film which I don't think is very fair as a lot of westerns that came out after it took from that movie. I really think that this is a fun movie especially for those who haven't seen a western in a while and enjoy western movies.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13. It has violence and big action sequences where it is obvious that people are dying. There isn't any gore and there is very little language in it but it does have the violence and people dying in hilariously western type ways. If you have seen a western then you know what I mean.

Final Thoughts
I give this movie a MATINEE. The movie is 2 hours and 13 minutes long and is paced very well. I watched it in D-Box (MFX) so if your theater has that its a good movie to watch it in. While its not my favorite western, that is still Unforgiven, it's in my top 10. I enjoyed it that much. The performances are great and the action is shot well. The story is cliche at moments but this is a remake of a Western that a lot of other Western movies took cues from so it is to be expected to an extent. Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite Westerns.

The Trailer

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