Impressions - Street Fighter V Story Mode

Available on PS4 and PC; version played PS4

The Street Fighter V story mode is a pretty straightforward story. Its not the one that came with the game at launch (THANK GOD) but a story that revolves around Bison getting an increase in power and the Street Fighters trying to stop them. Well some of them anyway. I'm gonna say this right now, the story is ridiculous but let's be honest you're here for the gameplay and fighting. Well the mode is setup to where you will control different characters as you traverse through the mode. Sometimes you will fight as one of the good guys, sometimes as the villains. Its as about as straightforward of a mode as you can get but I think that it works in this particular case. I found myself enjoying it and yes there are a few cameos of characters from other games namely Street Fighter 3 & 4, that I am sure fans of those games will notice and get a little chuckle out of when they see them. I do have a small issue with the mode though, and that is the difficulty spike. On certain fights the difficulty spikes to sheer astronomical levels of WHAT THA HELL!!! It wouldn't have been bad in my opinion if it was a gradual progression but it isn't handled in that way. For example, there is a point where you have to fight Necallis as Bison but after that ridiculous fight they give you an easy one against an NPC. I found that to be a little annoying. Other than that I found the mode to be quite enjoyable.

The Wrap Up
Overall, I think its a good and necessary edition to the game. Its a shame that it came out this late but it is fun to play and at the very least see the character motivations and cameos. There is a good mix of humor in the story as some characters like Zangief are there for comedic purposes. There are a couple of points where little things they had Zangief and Rainbow Mika doing had me laughing. Once again and I can't say this enough but it is the story to a fighting game so at points expect it to be stupid. This mode ain't winning any awards anytime soon, however, I will say that it is enjoyable even if it is pretty straightforward.


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