Recommendations - Super Mario RPG

Available on SNES and Wii U Virtual Console; played via Virtual Console

The Game
Okay so I have a confession to make, I never played this game when it originally came out back in `96. I wasn't in to Mario as much and while I love a good RPG at that time it wasn't my go to favorite genre. That being said, this game is a helluva lot of fun. I'm actually digging the comedy and moveset's in the game so far and let's be honest I'm not looking for a serious story here. This a 16 bit game so graphical fidelity will be a little lacking but I will say this, the game looks good. It also plays good as well, which is awesome for a game 20 years old. The story starts out much like your average Mario game. Princess Toadstool (yes they call her Toadstool), gets kidnapped by Bowser and Mario goes to save her. Following that introductory fight you find out that there is a new enemy to face and with the way to the Princess closed off you go off in search of a way to get her back. The game is a turn-based RPG and reminds me a lot of Chrono Trigger which is understandable seeing as this was made by Square before they became Square Enix. The game is enjoyable and has a lot of powers and abilities from the Mario series. The characters are weird and memorable and the game locations are actually perfect in size. It doesn't feel to big or to small, in the towns at least. I do have one criticism and that is some of the zones kinda feel redundant but that's just a small criticism.

The Soundtrack
The soundtrack is not bad. There isn't any voice acting outside of the usual grunts and things of that nature. Remember this was 1996 on the SNES so there will be reading involved. The music is enjoyable and kind of cartoony in a way. I don't mean that in a bad way but it did kind of remind of Saturday morning cartoon, whimsical type music.

The Wrap Up
I would recommend this game to anyone looking to play an old school RPG. In my opinion the game holds up well. I personally like using the pro controller for this game as it reminds me most of the SNES controller. If you haven't played it give it a try especially if you own a Wii U.


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