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Favorite Horror Game Series

With Halloween being around the corner, I thought it would be cool to name a few of my favorite horror/halloween franchises or series. These are games I have played a few in the series and bring back some pretty good memories. Most of these games have at least one game in their respective series available on each of the gaming consoles and on Steam. So they should be really easy to find.

Resident Evil. While this series has had its ups and downs it is still one of my favorite series in the survival horror genre. My two favorite games in the series are Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. I do have a lot of love for Resident Evil Revelations as that game brought the series back to what I enjoyed about RE2. After RE5 and RE6 I am hoping that this new entry RE7 will be good, although I plan on holding my thoughts until the game releases.Silent Hill. This was the series that pretty much messed with my head. It was hella atmospheric which actually lead to some good, geniunely scary moments…

Game Recommendations - Dust An Elysian Tail

Available on PS4, XBox 360, and Steam

The Game
While the game originally came out in 2012 on XBLive you can also find it on the PSN Store as well. The game follows an amnesiac character named Dust who wakes in a meadow to a talking sword and its guardian. Did I mention this game has anthropomorphic animals in it? In laymans terms it has furries in it and for me that works just fine. The game's story has its moments and the animated cutscenes are nice but let me warn you. This story isn't academy or pulitzer prize worthy, however, it does work and has a nice bit of nostalgia to it. The game kind of reminds me of the side scrolling beat'em ups of the late 80's and early 90's. This game, however, adds a light RPG element to the game play that comes in handy the deeper in to the game you go. The game also has side quests that add variety to the game and can, upon completion, make some powerful accessories that can be used in game.  Story wise the game is more on the act…

Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

Not bad Nintendo for a reveal trailer and now that we have a name people we can stop saying NX. Personally, I found the reveal to be very interesting. Of course I have more questions now that I have seen the console, but I have to say Nintendo made a good first impression with the reveal. The video itself is a little over three minutes and serves as kind of a teaser of things to come. Being able to play a game in the house and then also use it as a portable is a pretty good idea and one that I think people will like. We did get to see a couple of surprises, one of which being Skyrim running on the system. I guess Bethesda and Nintendo have come to an agreement apparently. There was also what appeared to be a new Mario game being played as well as NBA 2k17. It was great seeing Mario Kart 8 now with King Boo and what looked like Splatoon with a makeover. Of course they showed Breath of the Wild as we know that will be a day one launch title for the system and all the games they shown l…

Series Review - RWBY Volume 3

Available on Netflix, Blu Ray, and Youtube

The Series
Well that escalated quickly. This volume deals with the Vytal Festival. You know the tournament they were talking about in Volume 2, well now we're here and I hope everybody's ready for some fightin'. Honestly, this volume is darker than previous volumes in the series but it starts out just like you would expect. Team RWBY is still awesomely badass but this volume introduces new characters from other regions as well as their unique fighting styles. We also get to meet some characters that we have only heard about, like Winter, Weiss' sister. In this volume we also get to see the villains take a more "hands on" approach as events are placed in motion that, by the end of the volume, splits up some teams and have some real impacts on some fan favorite characters. Personally, I think the tone of the volume works as we needed to see the villains be a force to be reckoned with. On the whole I enjoyed the volume a…

First Impressions - Paper Mario Color Splash

Available on the Wii U

The Game
The latest game in the Paper Mario series is out and on the Wii U. The story this time revolves around Prism Island that has mysteriously begun to lose its color to paint thieves (basically Shy Guys with straws). Mario goes with Princess Peach and Toad to investigate and find a way to return the color back to the island. Graphically speaking the game looks amazing. It has a look that makes the world look like it was made out of construction paper and cardboard. It really is unique and feels right at home in game. If you have played any of the other games in the Paper Mario series then you know that there is a lot of pop culture references and various types of humor throughout those games. This game is no different and I am glad they kept that tradition going. Every character that I have met so far has their own unique level of ridiculousness that makes the experience all the more engaging. I got some good laughs out of this game so far and I expect to ha…

Film Review – Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive

The Movie Much in the same vein of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, SquareEnix has decided to release a feature length movie based on the Final Fantasy XV game that is due out in November. I will be honest with you Square Enix knows how to do CGI. One of this movie’s strengths is in the CGI that is used to create the world. Much like Advent Children there is a lot to like here but just like Advent Children I think this will be one of those films that fans get but general movie going public more than likely won’t and I completely understand why. The film stands strong in the action and visual department but is lacking in the story department. To Square’s defense this movie is set up as a prelude/prequel to the game itself. So you won’t be seeing Noctis and his friends but you will be seeing other characters and their particular journey’s that led to some of the decisions that I can only guess will be cleared up in the game. I did like the voice acting and soundtrack as there were a lo…

Thoughts - Iron Fist NYCC Teaser Trailer

Will be available on NetFlix on 03.17.17

New York Comic Con was this past weekend and while there was a lot of information and hypeness coming out of the convention. One of my favorite trailers that was shown was the teaser trailer for Marvel's NetFlix show Iron Fist. This is the last hero to get his show before the Defenders drop sometime in 2017. The teaser itself is very short about one minute ten seconds in length but it does a great job of setting the mood in my opinion. One of the things you will hear people say, especially about Daredevil, is how they enjoy the fight chreography. From the teaser there seems to be a ton of fighting which I am sure will bring a smile to the faces of Iron Fist fans. Also don't worry there is a hallway scene. I don't know what it is with Marvel Netflix shows and hallways but it looks like there will be another one to look forward to in March of next year. Besides the action we got a look at some of the main players for this seri…

Impressions - Killer Instinct Shadow Lords

Available on XBONE and Windows 10

The Game
So I have been putting some time into the story mode of Killer Instinct and if you have checked my YouTube channel me and my fellow KI afficinado gave our impressions there. Shadow Lords is a different type of story mode than you may be expecting. First of all if you have been following the Killer Instinct story since the SNES days you may want to throw what you know out of the window. KI's big bad, Gargos, is back and has used the sorcerer Kan-Ra to open portals to Earth so that he can take control. The fighters of the KI tournament have all teamed up in an effort to stop him once and for all. That is pretty much the gist of the story. From a graphical standpoint it looks the same as Season 3 and the previous seasons for that matter. While I did have my issues with that at first I've grown accustomed to it and it looks fine to me at this point. Story wise it pretty much does away with what happened at the end of KI2 and that's not…

Series Review - Luke Cage

Series available on NetFlix

The Show
So I binge watched this one for a majority of the day yesterday. I made it all the way through season one and I enjoyed myself. Don't worry this will be spoiler free for those who are not finished with the season or have yet to watch. Marvel's Luke Cage is the third show in the Marvel series in the lead up to their team up series The Defenders. We first saw Cage in last year's Jessica Jones and this series picks up a few months later uptown in Harlem New York. Luke is working under the table jobs trying to stay out of the spotlight when he is pulled in to the spotlight by protecting the people of Harlem from those trying to hurt it. There is a lot to like about the show the first of which is the acting. It is stellar and a lot of it comes from The Wire (at this point we should call the Marvel Netflix shows The Wire 2.0) as well as some characters from Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I am going to spoil one thing for you in this show, Jessic…