Favorite Horror Game Series

With Halloween being around the corner, I thought it would be cool to name a few of my favorite horror/halloween franchises or series. These are games I have played a few in the series and bring back some pretty good memories. Most of these games have at least one game in their respective series available on each of the gaming consoles and on Steam. So they should be really easy to find.

  • Resident Evil. While this series has had its ups and downs it is still one of my favorite series in the survival horror genre. My two favorite games in the series are Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. I do have a lot of love for Resident Evil Revelations as that game brought the series back to what I enjoyed about RE2. After RE5 and RE6 I am hoping that this new entry RE7 will be good, although I plan on holding my thoughts until the game releases.
  • Silent Hill. This was the series that pretty much messed with my head. It was hella atmospheric which actually lead to some good, geniunely scary moments. My favorite game in that series was the first one. Maybe I liked it so much because I really didn't know what to expect and it really blew me away.
  • Eternal Darkness. Although there has only been one game "so far" (I say that because Dyack is still trying to get a new game started). This game was a gem on the GameCube and was known for the insanity meter. Let the meter get to high and the game would get trippy. Some of the effects were really good. For instance, there was one where your memory card would start deleting. So if you were in the middle of a two plus hour gameplay session you were freaking out. Plus another thing that I enjoyed about the game was that each level took place in a different time period and with a different character. Very, very cool. Hopefully, this game gets a remake and a sequel.
  • Castlevania. My list would not be complete without Castlevania. Let's just say I love Nintendo's Virtual Console. Let's me go back and play classics in all their glory. This is another series that has had its ups and downs but some of their best work in my opinion came on the SNES and the Playstation 1. Their games had a style all their own as you would normally play as one of the Belmont clan and have to fight to stop Dracula. I even enjoyed Castlevania Judgment, which was a fighting game on the Wii. 

That does it for my list. What halloween/horror games do you like? Let me know in the comments below and check back often as I post weekly.

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