First Impressions - Paper Mario Color Splash

Available on the Wii U

The Game
The latest game in the Paper Mario series is out and on the Wii U. The story this time revolves around Prism Island that has mysteriously begun to lose its color to paint thieves (basically Shy Guys with straws). Mario goes with Princess Peach and Toad to investigate and find a way to return the color back to the island. Graphically speaking the game looks amazing. It has a look that makes the world look like it was made out of construction paper and cardboard. It really is unique and feels right at home in game. If you have played any of the other games in the Paper Mario series then you know that there is a lot of pop culture references and various types of humor throughout those games. This game is no different and I am glad they kept that tradition going. Every character that I have met so far has their own unique level of ridiculousness that makes the experience all the more engaging. I got some good laughs out of this game so far and I expect to have plenty more.

The Game Play
The game is a turn based RPG for those that are unfamiliar with the series. The game also makes use of the game pad as you use cards to attack during battles. On the game pad screen you can select a card that depicts the action that will be taken. If the card is not colored you will have to add color to it before you can attack. Also paint is important to the game world. There will be colorless spots on the ground and certain objects will be colorless. Adding paint in these instances will yield coins and in some cases attack cards. If you are running low on paint you can easily snage some by bashing plants and certain other objects with your hammer. It actually becomes fun because the animation for it looks funny or maybe its just the looney toonesque aspect of it for me. I think that the game play is fun and it works for me. It should go without saying that I am a fan of the turn based RPG format, just so you know.

Final Thoughts
I find the game to be very fun. I think that fans of the series will like it as well as newcomers. It has a unique style that is all its own and the humor that is infused in the story is very welcome. The game play is fun and the cutscenes look really well. Check out some game play from the Geek Alley Gaming channel as I take on Ruddy Road. So is this game on your Wii U list, let me know in the comments below.

Game Play

Images via Wii U ImageShare

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