Game Recommendations - Dust An Elysian Tail

Available on PS4, XBox 360, and Steam

The Game
While the game originally came out in 2012 on XBLive you can also find it on the PSN Store as well. The game follows an amnesiac character named Dust who wakes in a meadow to a talking sword and its guardian. Did I mention this game has anthropomorphic animals in it? In laymans terms it has furries in it and for me that works just fine. The game's story has its moments and the animated cutscenes are nice but let me warn you. This story isn't academy or pulitzer prize worthy, however, it does work and has a nice bit of nostalgia to it. The game kind of reminds me of the side scrolling beat'em ups of the late 80's and early 90's. This game, however, adds a light RPG element to the game play that comes in handy the deeper in to the game you go. The game also has side quests that add variety to the game and can, upon completion, make some powerful accessories that can be used in game.  Story wise the game is more on the action adventure fantasy side of story telling and most of the comedy will be coming from Fidget, your sidekick/partner in crime. I found some of things she had to comment on to be funny and personally she didn't annoy me like other sidekick charactors tend to do (looking at you Navi). Gameplay wise, its hack-n-slash with magic but the enemy variety and how some enemies have to be attacked add a level of strategy to the proceedings. Also getting surrounded can become a bit of an issue when your magic is blocked. One thing you will want to remember and that is dodging is your friend. At the very least it was mine.

For Parents
This is a digital title and its not very long in the gameplay department. I put in about 10 hours and I didn't do everything and find every secret. The main enemies are monsters for a majority of the game and there is no gore or anything like that in game. It is one player so please keep that in mind. All in all I don't think that its a bad game for everybody to play.

Wrap Up
Its definitely a game that's worth checking out in my opinion. It is a budget title and like I stated before its a fun little nostaglia trip. Its a game worth recommending to those who like side scrollers, action RPGs, and hack-n-slash genres. Plus you can get it for $14.99. I do so love a good bargin game. So have you played Dust An Elysian Tail? Would you recommend the game to others? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.


Images via PS4Share

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