Impressions - Killer Instinct Shadow Lords

Available on XBONE and Windows 10

The Game
So I have been putting some time into the story mode of Killer Instinct and if you have checked my YouTube channel me and my fellow KI afficinado gave our impressions there. Shadow Lords is a different type of story mode than you may be expecting. First of all if you have been following the Killer Instinct story since the SNES days you may want to throw what you know out of the window. KI's big bad, Gargos, is back and has used the sorcerer Kan-Ra to open portals to Earth so that he can take control. The fighters of the KI tournament have all teamed up in an effort to stop him once and for all. That is pretty much the gist of the story. From a graphical standpoint it looks the same as Season 3 and the previous seasons for that matter. While I did have my issues with that at first I've grown accustomed to it and it looks fine to me at this point. Story wise it pretty much does away with what happened at the end of KI2 and that's not necessarily a bad thing. The mode itself is a hybrid of story/adventure/RPG and has a loot type system that you can use to build your particular character up before you take on your next mission. This adds a layer of strategy as it makes the player have to think about what attributes go with the best situation. When the mode first begins it is very easy but the fights do get more challenging the deeper you get into the mode. That, to me, is one of the best and worst things about the mode. For those who have been playing for years and have been through the tutorials you have to go through them again. I would have liked an option to skip the entire thing but for those that have not been playing from the beginning this is welcome. Trust me if you have not played Killer Instinct at all you will need this tutorial or you will have a very difficult time not only in Shadow Lords but in the game itself and especially when you go online. Before I forget the other part of the loot system that is interesting is the Halo 5 style REQ packs. There are a number of packs that can help you out as well as Guardians that have different attributes that can help out immensely in game. Its very helpful especially in the later missions of the mode.

The Gameplay
Like I stated earlier, the mode is like a hybrid mode. Its not as straightforward as the story mode in Street Fighter V but that isn't exactly a bad thing. This being a fighting game the gameplay revolves around one-on-one fights to progress the story along. The fights at the beginning are against clones of the characters called Mimics. Mimics are usually stronger versions of the main roster usually with added attributes to make them a little tougher. This is why it is important to outfit your character properly before taking on a mission. Also its important to note that you can only use one character per turn. So if you have never played Killer Instinct before its probably important to go through the tutuorial a couple of times.

Final Thoughts
I am actually enjoying the mode. It gets to be challenging but not broken where you can't win a fight. Do not be surprised if you lose a match here and there as figuring out what to outfit your character with and using the attributes at the right time is important in this mode. There is a multiplayer mode in Shadow Lords, however, I have not had the chance to play it as of this entry. When I do I will be sure to post it to the YouTube channel with commentary. If you are a fan of fighting games give it a try. If you have played it, let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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