Series Review - RWBY Volume 3

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The Series
Well that escalated quickly. This volume deals with the Vytal Festival. You know the tournament they were talking about in Volume 2, well now we're here and I hope everybody's ready for some fightin'. Honestly, this volume is darker than previous volumes in the series but it starts out just like you would expect. Team RWBY is still awesomely badass but this volume introduces new characters from other regions as well as their unique fighting styles. We also get to meet some characters that we have only heard about, like Winter, Weiss' sister. In this volume we also get to see the villains take a more "hands on" approach as events are placed in motion that, by the end of the volume, splits up some teams and have some real impacts on some fan favorite characters. Personally, I think the tone of the volume works as we needed to see the villains be a force to be reckoned with. On the whole I enjoyed the volume and couldn't find much that I didn't like about it. I will say this if you haven't been following the series from the beginning you may be a little lost. It is a good idea to watch the previous volumes instead of trying to jump in at volume 3. Visually, I think that each volume has gotten better in terms of the visuals and this one is no exception. The soundtrack is still good and matches the tone of the series pretty well.

For Parents
While the series does get darker in tone I don't think that it is that bad. Now I will warn you there is a major character death and another character gets maimed just so you know. Honestly, if they have watched the previous installments I don't see why the kids can't see this especially if they have watched superhero movies.

Final Verdict
This is worth a BUY. The series has gotten progressively better with each volume. With the new volume starting soon I am looking forward to how the story moves forward. Also there is a stinger at the end of the credits that introduces another character that I hope we get to see more of in volume 4. Are you a fan of RWBY? Let me know in the comments below.


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