Thoughts - Iron Fist NYCC Teaser Trailer

Will be available on NetFlix on 03.17.17

New York Comic Con was this past weekend and while there was a lot of information and hypeness coming out of the convention. One of my favorite trailers that was shown was the teaser trailer for Marvel's NetFlix show Iron Fist. This is the last hero to get his show before the Defenders drop sometime in 2017. The teaser itself is very short about one minute ten seconds in length but it does a great job of setting the mood in my opinion. One of the things you will hear people say, especially about Daredevil, is how they enjoy the fight chreography. From the teaser there seems to be a ton of fighting which I am sure will bring a smile to the faces of Iron Fist fans. Also don't worry there is a hallway scene. I don't know what it is with Marvel Netflix shows and hallways but it looks like there will be another one to look forward to in March of next year. Besides the action we got a look at some of the main players for this series. My favorite was the appearance of Madame Gao from Daredevil. I love that character as she reminds me of the old master from Kung Fu Theatre movies. You know the ones with the master that beats everybody down in two moves or less and then says that in their younger days they would have defeated them with ease. Hopefully we get to learn more about her as there are some interesting rumors floating around about who it is she could be in relation to the Iron Fist cannon. Now I will admit that I need to brush up on my Iron Fist as most of the books that I have with him are the Heroes for Hire books where he is teamed up with Luke Cage. However, I do have time to get some good reading in before the show drops in March. Overall I liked the teaser but I would like to see the full trailer before I can say I am sufficiently hyped. Truth be told I am hoping that Iron Fist does well so Marvel and NetFlix will go ahead with a Heroes for Hire show. Luke Cage has done well on NetFlix and I have enjoyed that show immensely. I am looking forward to Iron Fist and The Defenders next year as I think all of the Marvel NetFlix shows have been done extremely well especially considering how different each show is and the themes that they tackle. Are you looking forward to Iron Fist? Let me know in the comments.


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