Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

Not bad Nintendo for a reveal trailer and now that we have a name people we can stop saying NX. Personally, I found the reveal to be very interesting. Of course I have more questions now that I have seen the console, but I have to say Nintendo made a good first impression with the reveal. The video itself is a little over three minutes and serves as kind of a teaser of things to come. Being able to play a game in the house and then also use it as a portable is a pretty good idea and one that I think people will like. We did get to see a couple of surprises, one of which being Skyrim running on the system. I guess Bethesda and Nintendo have come to an agreement apparently. There was also what appeared to be a new Mario game being played as well as NBA 2k17. It was great seeing Mario Kart 8 now with King Boo and what looked like Splatoon with a makeover. Of course they showed Breath of the Wild as we know that will be a day one launch title for the system and all the games they shown looked great. It looks like the system will have new ways to play with friends being a big part of the appeal. As there were many times the trailer showed people detaching the controller to play multiplayer games.

As much as I liked the reveal I do have a couple of concerns and hopefully they will be addressed when Nintendo goes more in depth with the Switch. My first question is how is the battery life on the portable? If you got a Wii U at launch the game pad had an atrocious battery life. Eventually Nintendo sold a better battery but I am hoping that the battery on the portable is at least 8 - 10 hours. Secondly, is the system backwards compatible? I would hope the answer to that would be yes and no but once we'll have to play wait and see. Lastly (at least for me), will the pro controllers from the Wii U be compatible? I really don't expect the Wiimote and Nunchuck to be compatible but the pro controller for the most part looks the same as far as button placement is concerned. Other than that I am stoked to learn more about this new system as the possibilities are there for it to be a great system. Let me know what are your thoughts on the system. Do you need to see more or are you planning on getting one at launch? Let me know in the comments.


Screens courtesy of ScreenRant

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