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The Character
The hero from my favorite gaming series, Link is one of the main characters of the Legend of Zelda. He is the bearer of the triforce of Courage and is generally known for being brave beyond reason. Since the Ocarina of Time game each version of Link has been a little different from the previous hero. The game's three main characters are stuck in a cycle of reincarnation. However, I always have found it interesting that Link is the one who is vastly different from his previous incarnations. For example, the Link of Ocarina of Time is ridiculously brave, while the Link from Wind Waker is reckless, the Link from Twilight Princess can be vicious, and the Link from Skyward Sword is obviously in love. It will be interesting to see what Link from Breath of the Wild is going to be like once that game releases. While each Link is different they do share some similiarities. For instance, Link has always been an animal lover. He always seems to be able to make friends with the various tribes/peoples of each game and would go to great lengths to make sure they are safe. He's also not to bad with musical instruments either, who woulda thought.

The Games
Link is the avatar for you in every Legend of Zelda game. While some people have an issue with this, I remain indifferent about it in all honesty. To me it has always been about the stories and the relationships between the games three main characters and what they represent. Since Ocarina of Time he is often dubbed as the Hero of Time. In the games he doesn't speak but other characters react to him which to me means he can talk, some people believe otherwise though it all comes down to opinion. There are plenty of games in the series. There are spinoffs, mainline console games, as well as handheld games. The vast majority of these games can be connected in some way but there are a few that cannot no matter how hard I try to make them fit in to the series cannon. Link is also a mainstay of the Smash Bros series of games and even was a star of the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur 2 (the best version of that game by the way). He even showed up for the first time in Mario Kart 8 as a DLC character with his own bike and track. The mainline games often have an action adventure with slight RPG type elements. I usually find myself enjoying the stories of the games as most times the games are usually once a generation on Nintendo systems and each game feels unique and varied.

Final Thoughts
Seeing as how I am big fan of Super Smash Bros and Link is my main in that game; I think his character will be around for a long time. The games are enjoyable and can get deep despite most of them having an E rating. The spinoffs and guest spots in games have been awesome. Hyrule Warriors is a great game that does a good job of showing Link's prowess in battle. I am looking forward to seeing where the character goes and where he will show up next. Are you a fan of Link? What's your favorite game in the Zelda series? Let me know in the comments.

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