Comic Recommendations - Playing a little catch up

It has been a while since I gave some comic recommendations and for that I apologize. So here are some recommendations from my collection. These are comics that I am personally enjoying so far so when you have a chance check them out.


This is an independent comic and I have to give props to Camille at The Amazing Comic Shop in Fairfax, VA for recommending this one. First of all the book is in black and white, it kind of has that Walking Dead feel to it in a way. This comic however deals with people finding out they have abilities with one twist. There are only a small portion of the population that have abilities and the only people who have these abilities are black. Shadowy government agencies, crooked cops, and questionable alliances is how this comic starts out. Two issues in and I have to say that I am interested in where this story goes, especially with how the main character deals with his newfound powers and what he does with them.

Teen Titans Rebirth

DC Rebirth is going strong and one of my favorite books out of that lineup is Teen Titans. This particular incarnation of the Titans is being headed by Damian Wayne. In typical Damian fashion he recruits his team by kidnapping them on his birthday no less. The team consists of Beast Boy, Starfire, Kid Flash (Wally West teenage one, not the adult one) and Raven. Seeing as how Robin has made such a strong first impression its going to be fun watching him interact and work with his fellow heroes.

Superman Rebirth

My other favorite from DC Rebirth has been Superman. I think the reason that I am enjoying this one so much is because we actually get to see how he interacts with his family. Especially since his son Jon's powers are starting show. If anyone has read the manga or seen the anime for Dragon Ball, they are basically making Jon, Trunks in a way. Issue 10 has him meeting Robin and by meeting I mean Damian kidnapping him (I am starting to see a theme here with him). It makes for a fun issue but Batman does let Clark know that due to Jon's human side he will probably be stronger than him, hence why I said Trunks. The cool thing about this is that Damian and Jon are supposed to get their own book in January and I am looking forward to that one as well.


This is the limited series from Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky and man is this one great. This book combines the look of Samurai Jack with the 70's era blaxploitation of the original series. The only sad thing about this series is that its only going to be 4 issues. The first issue is very good and has a unique style all its own.

Death of X

If you have been following any of the X-books since Secret Wars ended one thing has never been shown but talked about immensely and that is what Cyclops did. Well now we are about to find out. Death of X is another 4 issue limited series that will be the lead in to the Inhumans vs X-Men Event. The story at the moment is interesting. We are 3 issues in and I am hoping that they can stick the landing. The X-books have been pretty lackluster as of late and I am hoping that this will be the start of a huge turn around for Marvel's mutants.


I have to give another shout out to Camille as she recommended this one to me as well. Champions pretty much starts as Ms. Marvel is pretty much pissed out the adult heroes for not wanting to help people after they finish saving the day. She feels that as heroes they should be doing more to help regular people. As such she convinces Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Nova, Totally Awesome Hulk and Viv Vision to join her. The first two issues of the book aren't bad and with the addition of young Cyclops I am eager to see what the stories will be like moving forward.

Well that's about it for this week. I will try to keep as up to date as I can on the comic side of things. With that being said, what comics are you currently checking out? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.

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