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Death of X 4 issue limited series

The Series
If you have been reading Marvel comics for the past few months, especially the X-Men side of things there may have been a few questions that have been running through your mind. None as loudly as what in the hell happened to Cyclops and where are the X-Men hiding out in Limbo. What is this M-pox virus and why do mutants start running when the Terrigen Cloud shows up? Well Death of X begins to answer these questions. The four issue limited series tells part of the story of what happened in the eight months after Secret Wars ended. This event leads in to the big Inhumans vs X-Men crossover that will begin in December and I am hoping that it is better than the last couple of event comics that I have read.

The comic itself begins with Cyclops and Emma Frost going to Muir Island after the terrigen cloud hits the island. The readers then find a pretty horrific scene as we find out that Jamie Madrox and a lot of his clones are dead. As a long time X-Men fan and fan of comics in general I like that Marvel has finally decided to address this situation. However, I have to say that it didn't answer a lot of questions. For example, in the pages of Extraordinary X-Men it was mentioned that Sunfire did something during this time period, but what I read wasn't bad at all. The writers made it seem like he did something horrific and when all is said and done he really didn't do much of anything other than side with Cyclops and Emma. Also the whole reason why the X-Men are in Limbo and the sorcerers that helped to move the Jean Grey School there are not even brought up. It feels like a let down as I thought that there was something big that happened and this just didn't seem to live up to that foreshadowing. Not to say that the series is all bad I just feel that it could have been better. While I am glad the story finally revealed the elder Summers fate the series as a whole just feels like its missing something.

Final Thoughts
I think its an okay limited series and time will tell if its something that will be required reading for the Inhumans vs X-Men event. This week is Inhumans vs X-Men 0 so I am holding out hope that this will be an awesome event. The last few comic events I have read have not lived up to the hype in my opinion. Maybe its because the heroes aren't fighting villains they have been fighting each other. I am going to remain hopeful that this event will put an end to the way Marvel has treated the X-Men in the past decade. Are you a fan of the X-Men? What are your thoughts on Inhumans vs X-Men? Let me know in the comments.

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