Gaming Recommendation - Tales of Zestiria

Available on PS4, PS3, and PC

The Game
This is one of my favorite gaming franchises around. The Tales of series of games are a collection of JRPG titles that is more action RPG than turn-based RPG. Each game in the series tells a different standalone story but usually has elements of previous titles in the games. This time around the game centers around Sorey, a young man who has lived in a village of celestials ever since he was little. One day he finds a young knight, Alisha Diphda, in some ancient ruins and that meeting begins a chain of events that kick off the game. Like most games in the Tales series this game is heavily influenced by anime and has a lot of anime tropes in it as well. As a fan of anime I don't mind one bit but it is important to know as a lot of story beats usually follow those same tropes. As far as the characters are concerned each one is likable in their own way and the voice acting is very good as well. Graphically speaking, the game is beautiful to look at with anime and CG infused cutscenes. In game cutscenes are done very well also. Character models have variety and are unique and the game world in towns and villages seem to be alive with a lot of activity.

The Game Play
Each game in the Tales series has a different yet familiar feel and this game is no different. Its an action RPG and this particular titles battle system is dubbed the LMBS or Linear Motion Battle System. It can get really involved but the short version is that your character has Melee Artes and Seraph Artes which basically constitute their particular moveset. During the course of the game you will unlock more powerful moves and combinations that will help you out during tough battles. In game Sorey is basically an archaeologist which basically means that there will be dungeon exploring a plenty in game. As far as a learning curve the game doesn't have a particularly huge one. It is very easy to pick up, however, I will warn you that if you don't plan properly you can find yourself getting beat down as some of the enemy AI is very good in this game.

The Wrap Up
As a JRPG fan I think this is a great game to add the gaming library. The action is fast paced, the music is awesome, and the story is not half bad. Also there is a side story that is packed in with the game that is pretty cool in and of itself. While this game isn't my favorite in the Tales series I do enjoy it and think its a worthy addition in that franchise. This game should be easy to find at a good price as it has been out for over a year now.


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