Gaming Recommendations - Halo 5

Available on XBONE and PC

The Game
I must admit I am a fan of the Halo series. I find the story to be interesting and the latest installment is worth a pickup and a worthy addition to the XBox game library. Since it is one of the biggest franchises in gaming I will forgo my usual synopsis and just say that this one picks up where Halo 4 leaves off. Master Chief is looking for Cortana and goes off the grid so to speak. This game introduces Spartan Jameson Locke who is given the task to "Hunt" the Master Chief. The main story campaign of Halo 5 is very good and pretty sizable. Normally in FPS games the main campaign is at between 4 - 6 hours but this one can easily take up to 15 hours to complete. The main draw of the game is the multiplayer and I have to give it to 343 Studios they did a good job with the variety of modes available to gamers for the multiplayer. As the multiplayer is always interesting and I have never had an issue finding a lobby or getting a game started. My personal favorite is WarZones. This one is fun for me because halfway through the match you never know who may show up. Sometimes its a Warden, sometimes an Elite either way its usually a good time. My favorite Halo game is 2 but this one is a close second.

The Game Play
Its a first person shooter so if you have played one you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. In the Halo series there are points where you can take over vehicles and this is usually fun. As far as couch co-op there isn't any but the game has online co-op. That was one of my issues with the game as I don't mind playing with friends online but I also like the option of playing with friends at home. Just something to keep in mind. Other than that the game is excellant in my opinion. The controls are tight and customizable. I don't have an elite controller but I know a few people do and they have nothing but praises for it.

The Wrap Up
I think this game is a must on for the XBox library. Master Chief is their mascot and this game is fun on so many levels. This is an awesome gift for not only the Halo fan but the first person shooter fan.


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