Gaming Recommendations - Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge

Available on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U; version owned Wii U

The Game
Gamings most famous super ninja is back in the 3rd game in the action series from Tecmo Koei. Razor's Edge was a Wii U launch title and at the time was an updated version of the original Ninja Gaiden 3 game (which was awful by comparison) and was eventually ported to the PS3 and 360. The game follows Ryu Hayabusa as he has eight days to rid himself of a curse or die. The game has a globe trotting feel to it as Hayabusa has to travel the world in order to track down the person(s) responsible for his troubles. Along the way he will meet up with other characters from the Ninja Gaiden series like Ayane and Momiji. Even Rachel makes an appearance in the game. The game is heavy on the action adventure genre side of gaming. If you have not played a previous game in this series then you should know that it is a very challenging game. It is easy to become frustrated if you are not used to this because Ninja Gaidens Normal Mode is some games Hard Mode. Just thought I would give you a heads up. If that didn't scare you then you are in for a real treat. The game has fluid action, huge bosses, and an over the top story that actually has a little heart to it before it is all said and done. Graphically speaking it looks great even though it came out in 2012. Personally, I think it holds up well especially since its an action game.  The game has replay value as you can play with Ayane, Kasumi, or Momiji once you finish a chapter. Its a lot of fun to play with these ladies as their play styles are very unique and requires a different strategy. Also its good to see them outside of the DoA franchise from time to time.

The Game Play
There is a lot of variety in this game. There are a plethora of weapons for Ryu to use and separate move lists that come with each. You will have your favorite and the weapons are upgradeable which help you out a lot especially when fighting certain enemies. On the subject of enemies there are many different types for Ryu to slaughter. From mercenaries to fiends and even a reanimated and purely evil Tyrannosarus Rex (that boss fight was fun by the way). The more I played the game the easier it got and the moves began to flow better. If I may offer some advice if your back is against the wall use your Ninpo (ninja magic) it can get you out of trouble and restore some of your health. Even with that there is the risk of getting surrounded so don't be surprised if you die on more than one occasion as it is bound to happen.

The Wrap Up
This game has a Mature rating for a reason. The level of violence and gore involved would make Kratos from God of War proud. Not to mention there is vulgar language involved as the enemies you eviscerate love to drop the F bomb. The reason why I am recommending this game is because it is a fun game and great addition to the Ninja Gaiden franchise. Team Ninja did a great job on Razor's Edge (we'll just act like the original game just didn't come out). Here's hoping that the teamwill be bringing Ninja Gaiden 4 to us at some point.


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