Impressions - MiiTomo gets an update

If you have been using MiiTomo there new update went live today and brought with it some nice changes. If you haven't been using it in a while you may want to check it out again. Below is an excerpt of what is in the update, the original article can be found on

1. Send a message with a Mii!
You can exchange messages with your friends using Mii characters as messengers. Be sure to choose an expression that matches the message!
2. Customize your room to perfection!
Unleash your inner designer with wallpaper and flooring styles up for grabs through Miitomo Drop. You can even make in-app posters out of images saved on your device!
3. Strut your stuff in Style Central!
If you've ever wanted to show off your stylish outfits to the world, now you can! Miitomo users all over the world will be able to admire and give hearts to your creations, and you can even get your favorites!
4. Satisfy your curiosity with Answer Central.
Answer global questions and see answers from all over the world! See how many hearts and comments you can get on your answers!
5. Have fun making Sidekick Mii characters!
Create new Mii characters that look like anyone, from fictional characters to anyone in the whole wide world. Decorate their rooms, show off their sharp fashion sense in Style Central, and send them as messengers to your friends!

I have been playing around with it today. For the most part I can say it is a vast improvement over the previous version. I have not made any sidekick Mii characters yet but I do plan on making a few. It is interesting seeing the ones made by people in the app, its pretty varied and cool. I say check it out when you have a chance. There are going to be a chance to get items you may have missed out on the first time they were made available. Once you update the app, it will tell you what's available, when its available, and how long it will stay available. 

Have you updated to the new version? What do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comments.

Images via MiiTomo

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