Nintendo Direct - Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Leaf Amiibo Festival

What up peoples. So Nintendo had there Animal Crossing Direct this morning, a little weird for my taste but entertaining nonetheless. I will not lie to you. I am not a fan of Animal Crossing. The series has a following but it just doesn't interest me personally. That being said this brief direct was informative for those of you who are fans of the series. The setting for this Direct is at an RV Park campground. The Direct is also a mix of weird live action cosplay and game footage. Amiibo is heavily used in the update for the game that is available right now. They have a lot of different uses, I won't get into it here as it is explained in the Direct. The game can use amiibo cards and figures, all previous generations of the cards can be used. Some of the amiibo figures can unlock a couple of games Desert Island Escape and Animal Crossing Puzzle League. I'm not gonna lie the Desert Island Escape game does look pretty interesting. There are plenty of new features that are available. You may want to stock up on your coupons as those will allow you to get unique items. All in all I thought the Direct was interesting and I am sure that fans of the series will find this update to be fun. Check out the Direct and let me know what you think.

The Direct

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