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Introduced in 2006 on the Wii, mii's have been a very interesting inclusion in the Nintendo pantheon. To be honest when they first debuted they looked silly and to some extent they still do when you boot up the Wii or Wii U. As the design is hella simplistic but charming all the same. While you create a mii that is specifically attached to you for your account that doesn't mean you can't make any number of them. There are sites when you can go to download miis of your favorite celebrities, anime, comic, or movie characters. A quick google search and you'll be able to add Ice Cube, Liam Neeson, Sam Jackson, and Abe Lincoln to your mii collection.

The Games

When they first debuted, the miis were headlining the Wii Sports games, which are addictive despite being simple. When the Wii U dropped NintendoLand was the game that Miis were featured in and while it is fun to be at a Nintendo themed theme park I wondered was there going to be any other game in which I can put myself in in all my glory. Then Mario Kart 8 released and players were able to put their Miis in the game to kart race in the Mushroom Kingdom. Can't lie its a lot of fun stealing victory from Mario and Luigi with a well timed blue shell. My personal favorite game that miis are playable in is Super Smash Bros U/3DS. The game is already loads of fun but to be able to put yourself in the middle of the action is a dream come true. That is until you fight your very own level 50 Marth amiibo and understand your shortcomings but still fun nonetheless.

The Future

I am actually looking forward to Nintendo expanding upon the Mii concept. Would love to get an outright Mii action game ala Subspace Emissary (you can tell I really like that mode from Brawl huh). Also would love to be able to design my own Mii amiibo that can be used in said game but let's be honest that more than likely won't happen. It is nice to dream though. There are many places that Nintendo could go in, in regards to games designed around the Miis. Hopefully with their new system they will unveil something cool that can be done with your Mii. Would you like to see a game where the Miis are the stars? What genre would you like to see? Let me know in the comments.

Mii Trailer Smash Bros

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