A Gamer's Thoughts - Samus Aran Character Spotlight

The Character
One of my favorite video game characters is Nintendo's own bounty hunter Samus Aran. Orphaned as a young child after a group of space pirates led by Ridley attacked her planet of SR-388, killing everyone and leaving her for dead. Young Samus is found by the Chozo, a bird like race of people, and given a blood transfusion that saved her life. It was then that she was trained and earned her iconic Power Suit that you start every game with, lose most of your arsenal and have to find through most the games. The Metroid series of games has a lot of history and Samus in my humble opinion is the first lady of videogame badassery. If you are a space pirate in her world you will probably die a very horrific death at her hands. There have been a few different interpretations of the character over the years but one thing remains the same. She will more than likely blow up the planet or space station your on so if you're alive its in your best interest to get off the planet or whereever you are when you see her land. I mean seriously have you seen this woman's body count its pretty high.

The Games
The Metroid games to which Samus is the star of is in the sc-fi, action adventure, and sometimes thriller category. After all the game came about its creators went to see Alien in theaters, or at least that's how the story goes. Most games have a claustrophobic feel to them as Samus' adventures usually take place on some uninhabited (if you don't count monsters) world. The games are usually heavy on exploration and discovery. The Metroid Prime Trilogy did an amazing job of this by having players scan pretty much everything in sight. As a matter of fact most of the lore of the series was scannable in those three games and a lot of story was revealed at that time. The main console games are fun, even the much hated on Metroid Other M, but the handheld games have been a lot of fun as well. From Zero Mission and Fusion to Hunters, the handheld games have also filled in some holes in the Metroid space opera as it were. For example, just because she is not in the power suit does not mean she is any less resourceful or powerful for that matter. In my humble opinion, the Metroid Prime Trilogy is a great place to start as a lot of the lore is told through those three games and on top of that they are just a whole lot of fun. Of course there is one other game that she is a part of and that is the Super Smash Bros series of games. She is a mainstay and in the third game in the series, Super Smash Bros Brawl players were introduced to her Zero Suit form. In Smash Bros she is a lot of fun to play with, personally I prefer Zero Suit Samus as she is the faster outside of the Power Suit and way more agile. One of her stages and her nemesis Ridley shows up in the Dead or Alive Dimensions game for the 3DS. Fun stage by the way just stay away from the edges.

Final Thoughts
While she hasn't had a game release on every Nintendo console she has been on a game in every Nintendo console generation. One of the first female heroes of gaming and in my humble opinion, still the best. The Metroid series is one of the few gaming series that I believe can actually work in another medium whether it be anime or movies. Hopefully one day we'll be able to see that come about. Are you a fan of Samus Aran and the Metroid series? Let me know in the comments below.

Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. U

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