Annual CW/DC TV Crossover Thoughts

The Crossover
First let me start this off by saying that CW you pulled a fast one on everybody. That was not a four night crossover that was a three night crossover. Ya got me, well played CW well played. That being said I have been looking forward to these crossovers every year and this year with the addition of Supergirl to the "Arrowverse" as it has been called I was looking forward to seeing how this would all go down. This season I have been kind of up and down on Flash and Supergirl, however I have been loving Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Despite the hype the Supergirl episode really had nothing to do with the crossover at all. I am hoping in the future that they don't do that and make it possible for a true four night crossover. With that being said let's start with The Flash.

The Flash
This episode kicked off the crossover with what is thought to be a meteorite speeding toward Central City. When Barry goes to investigate he finds not a meteorite but a ship, its at this point we got our first look at the alien Dominators. Barry realizing that he needs some help he goes to Star City to get some help from Oliver and Team Arrow. Now this episode had some good action but the problems with the episode happen on the drama side of things as the fallout from the previous episode was still hampering this episode. Cisco was still acting like a pissed off kid, Iris and Joe still didn't want to train Wally even though he was doing great in all the speed tests. Cisco's issues really brought the episode down for me as I thought it took away from the problem that the Dominator's presented. That being said the action in the episode when the different teams were under mind control and the heart to heart that Oliver and Barry had were great and managed to bring the episode back up for me.

The Arrow
This was the episode that was a love letter to fans of Arrow. It wasn't a bad episode just an episode that once again focused on other storylines than the main issue at hand. Now this was Arrow's 100th episode so I can understand why the showrunners did what they did but it kind of hurt the overall story. Oliver, Dig, Ray, Thea, and Sara were captured on the Dominator ship and held in stasis while living out what their lives could have been like. While that was happening Barry and Kara met Team Arrow as they had to track down a cyborg villain and take back some tech that she had stolen. That part felt rushed but did provide some decent humor as some members of Team Arrow were geeking out meeting the Flash and Supergirl. Overall the acting in this episode was great where Thea and Oliver really delivered on the acting side of things especially how they didn't want to leave. It was nice seeing Katie Cassidy back on the show. Although, I didn't particularly care for her character I did like her and was saddened when they killed her character off. Overall good episode but once again we learned little about the Dominators and to me that was kind of a let down in my honest opinion.

Legends of Tomorrow
My favorite episode of the crossover. This is the climactic episode of this little limited series excursion where we finally learn why the Dominators have come back and who is actually responsible for them coming back. Heatwave has been one of my favorite characters this season out of all of the shows. He had some great lines in this episode as the some of the Legends crew went back to 1951 to grab a Dominator to interrogate it. Here is where things get interesting as Felicity and Cisco get to ride on the Waverider and go through time which is something that they have always wanted to do they even get to save the day so to speak. I love their whole tech support angle, it really works for their characters. This episode had the best action setpieces also the writers did a good job of bringing everything full circle. It was also ironic when you find out who is responsible for the whole thing. Its not who you think it is and I found that to be satisfying. For those of you that like Easter Eggs there are plenty in this episode and at least one that will be obvious seeing as how Brandon Routh's character Ray Palmer played Superman in the Superman Returns movie in 2006.

Final Thoughts
Overall I thought it was just okay, not good not bad just okay. I feel like the Supergirl episode should have been involved in the crossover. Especially since she revealed that they had visited Krypton at one point. We could have seen an origin story for them with some background that we never got on the aliens. While the action was good across the three episodes the story elements were lacking in my opinion. I am glad that the Legends episode was able to salvage the crossover as a whole but I am hoping that the next one is a true crossover. I still look forward to these as they are usually fun episodes for all involved.


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