First Impressions - Darksiders Warmastered Edition

Available on PS4, XBONE, and PC; version played XBONE

The Game
Much like the Darksiders 2 Deathfinitive Edition, Darksiders Warmastered Edition is the upgraded edition of the first Darksiders game that featured the horseman War as the protagonist. The game begins with meteors falling to earth only they are not meteors but Angels and Demons fighting one another so begins the Apocalypse. While humans are running for their lives the horseman War falls to Earth ready for the EndWar. Realizing that his "brothers" are not present he wonders what is going on. He is stripped of his powers and seemingly defeated. To prove his innocence in helping to bring about the EndWar he makes a deal with the Charred Council to find those responsible and get revenge. Graphically, the game has recevied an upgrade like Darksiders 2 did with their remastered edition. The game looks a little more colorful than it did back in 2010. It also looks more polished from a graphical point of view. I wish I still had my original copy to compare it to, but unfortunately I do not. That being said THQ Nordic and Kaiko did a great job as far as I can tell from a visual aspect. On the soundtrack side of things, everything sounds clearer and sharper than I remember. This may be because of advancements in the technology industry over the past 6 years since the games original release.

The Game Play
I remember some reviewers calling this game the Legend of Zelda for core gamers. This is still true as you can tell this game is heavily influenced by the Zelda series. There are dungeons, puzzles, weapons that you get that are dungeon specific, etc. This isn't a bad thing in my opinion as the story is way different and on top of that War has a plethora of moves that he has access to as well. Some of these moves have to be purchased and some can be upgraded as well. On the whole the game play is that of an action adventure game with slight RPG elements tied in as well. This game is much more straightforward than part 2 is and that may be a turn off to some gamers. Personally, I didn't mind as I enjoy playing as War. He isn't as much of a trash talker as Death is but he is just as deadly in a fight. If I had to describe War, he's more like a tank than anything else and a lot of his moves are insanely powerful especially when you start leveling them up. The fight mechanic has always been fluid and it still is and from what I remember it's even better from a quality standpoint. I have no complaints about the game play at all.

Final Thoughts
Just like the previous remaster that was done for Darksiders 2, I am having fun with this and like the effort put in to bringing this title out. I was a little heartbroken when THQ went under as Darksiders is a good series and I was looking forward to where the developers were going to take the series next. I don't know if this will lead to more games in the series but at $19.99 I think its a good deal especially if you have never played it and are a fan of the action adventure genre of gaming. So, have you played any game in the Darksiders series? Are you interested in picking it up? Let me know in the comments below.


Game Play Vid

Images via XBONE game play

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