Netflix Review - Pacific Heat

The Season
Wow, I guess they all can't be winners. Pacific Heat borrows heavily from FX's Archer series and while that can be a good thing it just doesn't work for this show. The season follows a team of 4 cops as they handle a variety of cases throughout the season. The members of the team are Todd, VJ, Maddie, and Zack. Outside of Maddie all of them are idiots in one way or another. That's one of my issues with this show. The fact that damn near every character is way over the top dumb in one way or another. Another problem with the show is that there is no overarching story for the season. All of the episodes feel disjointed and in all honesty has no rhyme or reason to them. That may be the joke of the season but it doesn't help the show in my opinion. Animation quality is also up and down, mostly down, once again this may be the joke but it doesn't really help. While I do think its unfair to compare it to Archer, its pretty much impossible not to as a lot of the show tends to shadow Archer. Some of the joke setups are not that bad and I did find myself chuckle at a couple of them but overall it just wasn't that good. To be honest there wasn't much that I could find likable outside of a few of the jokes and most of those came from the villains.

For Parents
Its rated TV-14. There is crude humor and some of the jokes will more than likely go over head or you probably just won't care. There are also gun fights but they are played more for laughs than anything serious. There are only 13 episodes and each episode is around 23 minutes long.

Final Thoughts
I can see the potential but the execution wasn't there. I will say that if you are a fan of Archer just stick with that. If you are looking for something a little different I will say go back to Archer. I tried to give it a chance but this is one serious I will probably won't come back to any time soon. I give this a "DON'T BLAME ME IF YOU WATCHED THIS ONE" or 2 stars.


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