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The Demo
Okay, so if you know me and follow this blog you know I am a fan of Platinum Studios. Those guys just know how to make an action game and I find their games to be fun and awesome. I know that they are kind of niche game developer but they put out quality work and I honestly don't know why their games don't sell a hell of a lot more. One of their games that will be releasing this year is Nier Automata. The demo is fun and it's not hard to get the hang of the controls. There isn't much story to go on, the objective of the demo is to investigate the area and take down giant robotic douchebag boss. Simple enough in my opinion. Personally, the demo plays like Bayonetta with a couple of differences. On the plus side, I found the fight mechanics to work well and the combos to be fluid. The enemy swarms weren't as much of a problem once I got used to the flow of battle. For a demo, it wasn't bad I will say though that I do plan on playing it again as I would like to see how well I can do now that I know the controls better than on my first play through.

The only downside I could find is certain areas where the camera became fixed in a top down view. The demo kind of gives you control of the camera except for those certain areas. I didn't like this because it broke up the flow of the game for me. It wasn't jarring but it was annoying to me. When it comes to camera control either give me full control or don't, I understand certain situations but most times those situations involve a cinematic type sequence and in the demo, I felt there just wasn't a need for it when it occurs.

Final Thoughts
I thought the demo was a fun little appetizer. The game was already on my radar but after playing it I feel like I am going to move it up to the Day One purchase list. I really want to see how wild they go with the story and the combat. Knowing Platinum Studios there are going to be a lot more surprises in store when the game drops in March. With that being said, are you planning on picking up the game? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

Game Play

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