Movie Review - One Piece Film GOLD

Synopsis via the Funimation website: The glittering Gran Tesoro, a city of entertainment beyond the laws of government, is a sanctuary for the world's most infamous pirates, Marines, and filthy rich millionaires. Drawn by dreams of hitting the jackpot, Captain Luffy, and his crew sail straight for the gold. But behind the gilded curtains lies a powerful king whose deep pockets and deeper ambitions spell disaster for the Straw Hats and the New World alike.

If you have watched any of the previous One Piece films then you should know how these movies are structured. That isn't a bad thing as the formula clearly works and this movie is no different. From a visual standpoint, the movie looks amazing and does a nice job of mixing CG and hand drawn animation. One Piece has always had a unique look due to Eiichiro Oda's art style and the movies are always able to replicate that to great effect. The character designs are predictably weird and fun, one character, in particular, cracks me up every time he comes on screen. That's where the strength of the One Piece movies and even series lie, there ability to make small things hilariously funny.

The story of this film has a serious message and tone to it that is hard to miss. The main theme of this movie has to do with greed and how money and the love of money can affect people. The villain of the movie had some truly traumatic things happen to him and it warped his mindset. You see this through a series of flashbacks. It's actually a jacked up set of circumstances that set him on the path that he was on in the movie. If I really had any complaints about the movie it would be just that, I feel like there was not enough of Tesoro's background. Other than that I can't find too many faults that aren't really just nitpicks or little things that me, as a fan, would have liked to see.

For Parents
Like most One Piece anime it is aimed for a teenage to adult crowd. There is a little bit of language and a lot of fighting. There are women that are scantily clad but that's to be expected since the set piece of the movie is basically a floating Las Vegas. There is also a character that is obviously perverted but it is played for a joke that is actually pretty funny. Other than that the movie is paced well and as I stated earlier the animation is beautiful. It clocks in a little under two hours, which is basically about the same length as the last One Piece movie Film Z.

Final Thoughts
I know it's only in select theaters for a week and I am extremely lucky to live near a theater that was showing the film. I will give this a BLU-RAY pick up. It is a really well done film with plenty of action, comedy, and a deep story. This may be my favorite One Piece movie so far and I have seen all of them. Really well done film. Have you seen it? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.


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