Series Review - TrollHunters

Season 1 Available on NetFlix

The Season
Don't worry as always this review is spoiler-free. The IMDB synopsis is as follows: based on the book by Guillermo del Toro, Trollhunters tell the story of friends who unearth a mystery underneath their hometown. A little short but for the most part accurate. The season, like most shows on Netflix, is broken up into two parts essentially. The first thirteen episodes tackle one villain and particular storyline and the back half tackles a completely different villain and storyline. For the most part, this is one series where I thought both stories flowed naturally and didn't hurt the season like in some Netflix originals that I have enjoyed. The animation is very well done. Colors are bright, especially in Troll Market where the good trolls live and where a large portion of the season takes place. Each episode runs between 23 and 25 minutes, so its standard for a television show. The voice acting is great as this show has some great actors voicing the characters. My personal favorite character is Kelsey Grammar's Troll character of Blinky. I get a bit of a Fraiser vibe from that character and being a fan of the Fraiser show it works for me. The story itself plays like an action adventure and has some great themes that brought up throughout the season. The action is done well and while over the top is not to over the top. The show setups the rules of the world and doesn't stray from them, which I am glad that they did not as it is a huge pet peeve of mine when shows ignore their own rules. There wasn't much that I found that I disliked about this season. If I had any complaints they would only be nitpicks at this point. I honestly think that this is a show that both parents and children can enjoy together. Del Toro and company did a great job and I am personally looking forward to Season 2 should Netflix decide to move forward with it.

For Parents
This is one that you can watch and it won't bore you. There is action, comedy, adventure and drama in it but not to the point where it isn't entertaining. There are even a couple of things that happen in the last episode that I should have seen coming but I didn't and I am usually good at picking up on things like in series. I didn't find anything that would be scary in this show at all. The different troll and monster animations can be hilarious at times and they are all unique and varied.

Final Thoughts
This is an awesome show. I give it a MUST WATCH. Very glad that I decided to give this one a chance. Also, this is one of Anton Yelchin's last performances so I am very glad that it is so good. I know they will have to recast him going forward but Netflix usually does a great job as far as that is concerned. Have you had a chance to see the season yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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