Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Presentation

Note: I won't be talking about the games in this post as I would like to see the presentation that the Treehouse will be hosting before I give my thoughts on what we saw, games wise last night.

Last night Nintendo had a full Switch presentation live from Tokyo. The presentation was held much like a traditional e3 or Tokyo Game Show presentation, which worked just fine for me. Nintendo's President Kimishima opened the proceedings by giving the launch date and the price for the system. Another feature revealed was that there will be a paid online service that will debut in the Fall of 2017. Also discussed was the fact that the Switch is region free. This should be awesome news to a lot of fans who had been clamoring for this for a while. Personally, I could care less as my Japanese is non-existant without subtitles.

The next thing that I found to be interesting was the three distinct modes that the system can be used in TV, Tabletop, and Handheld Mode. I will more than likely be using just the TV and Handheld Modes as I live by myself but I do see the vision behind the modes. I know a lot of people, myself included, were worried about the battery life of handheld. Last night it was revealed that the battery life would vary from game to game and that initially, the range would be from 2.5 - 6.5 hours. I am guessing games that are intensive suck more battery life, which makes sense as I wouldn't expect something like Child of Light to drain more battery life than say something like Mario Kart. It was also revealed that the up to 8 Switch systems can be connected for local multiplayer games. That is going to be crazy and fun all at the same time. From here discussion went into the Joy Cons. Now there is a lot of information that was dropped about them and I would urge people to watch the presentation as I am only going to talk about a few of those features. The main thing that I took from the Joy Con discussion is that they function like Wii Remotes when detached from the dock or the grip. Amiibos are still going to be utilized going forward and you will be able to tap an amiibo on the Joy Con as it has an NFC chip installed in it. There will be different color variations that will be available as well at launch. If you want to see how much they will cost you can check out Best Buy, GameStop, and Wal-Mart; as of this post they are up on their respective sites. For those that love controllers that rumble, not to worry as the Joy Cons will have rumble functionality.

At this point, they went into some of the games that will be coming to the system at launch and in the near future. However, I will go into those in my next post. Did you watch the presentation? Have you already preordered or are you going to wait? Let me know in the comments.

*If you want to catch the presentation it is available on YouTube.

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