Well that was informative, Nintendo Direct for Fire Emblem

The Direct: Nintendo dropped a lot of information for a 19 minute direct today. I do like the title focused Direct's I think that they are a little bit tighter and this one was no different. Nintendo got straight to the point, so let's do a little breakdown, shall we. Please note that I will include the direct at the end of the post. If you are interested in the mobile game they will tell you the website at the end of the presentation.

Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia: The game is basically a remake remaster of the Japan-only title, Fire Emblem Gaiden from 1992. From a visual standpoint it looks great on the 3DS. The game looks a lot like Fire Emblem Fates. It should be a real treat for fans of the Fire Emblem series. The game will have amiibo as well and it releases on May 19, 2017.

Fire Emblem Warriors: In the presentation last week there was a teaser trailer released for this title. Well in the Direct we got a little bit longer trailer as well as a Fall 2017 launch window. The game is also coming to the 3DS as well. The game will play like Hyrule Warriors and I am personally looking forward to this one later this year.

Fire Emblem Heroes: The majority of the Direct was dedicated to this particular title. This is the mobile game that will be coming to mobile devices shortly. The opening trailer for it is awesome. The game itself seems to be adding a mix of characters from games all throughout the series. Its a lot to take in so I suggest watching the Direct for a better explanation. Me, personally, I am not the biggest fan of mobile gaming. However, this does look interesting I may give it a try. I haven't fully made up my mind yet. Check the website to register, you can also pre-register on Google Play if you are not an iPhone user.


All in all, I thought the Direct was perfect. It gave some detail on upcoming Fire Emblem games. There is a game coming to the Switch but according to the narrator, it will be discussed at a later date. I'm guessing e3 is where Nintendo will do a proper reveal of that title. So what did you think about the Direct? Are you excited for any of the Fire Emblem games? Let me know in the comments.

Fire Emblem Direct

Images via Nintendo

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