Thoughts on RWBY Volume 4

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Volume 4
The season picks up months after the fall of Beacon. Ruby has teamed up with the remaining members of Team JNPR as they make the journey to Mistral. After the end of volume 3, it was nice to see Ruby and the members of Team JNPR together. You get the idea that they needed one another after everything that happened at Beacon. That is one of the great things about this particular volume, in my opinion, it showed that the characters had all matured in different ways. Some characters were still working through some things while others were hopeful that everything will work out. This volume dealt with a lot of character development and the differing journeys for the members of Team RWBY. I have said this in previous reviews of the different volumes and I will say it again; every volume the graphics, CG, and general artwork gets better and better. There are even some new Grimm designs that look pretty good as well. The action is still animated well and you can always tell what is happening in a fight. I found this volume to be more character focused than anything else. I liked that it went that route as I was invested in learning the characters thoughts especially with all that had happened.

That being said there were some things that have me scratching my head a little. The end of volume 3 made it pretty obvious that a couple of characters were dead but this volume I am not so sure about that. Without spoiling anything but I get the feeling that we may see some characters pop back up in one form or another later on. One thing that I didn't like is that we don't spend enough time with Salem, Cinder, and the rest of the villains. It's kind of like what they have done on the new Voltron anime, where they are there but you as a viewer know very little about them. I am hoping that in the next volume we can learn a little more about them.

For Parents
Not a bad show. There is fighting in the series but they are fighting monsters for the most part. I didn't find anything frightening, there are no jump scares or anything like that but there are some adult themes mostly involving death. This volume does take a look at the world as a whole and tackles some of those issues in interesting and relatable ways. Like the previous volumes, there are a nice amount of action, comedy, and drama.

The Verdict
I love this series. This is getting a BLURAY pick up from me. Each volume gets better and better from a quality standpoint. I am also invested in the characters of this story and am interested in seeing more of their story. Have you had a chance to get caught up on the latest volume of RWBY? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.


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