Impressions - Splatoon 2 Global TestFire

Splatoon 2 will be available on Nintendo Switch

Initial Thoughts - Da Good
Just like the original's Global TestFire way back in 2015, Nintendo decided to let Switch owners demo Splatoon 2 this past weekend. I was able to get a couple of times in and the videos are available on my YouTube channel if you wish to few them. The game plays a lot like the original with a few deviations, which are to be expected as it is on a new system. The motion controls are still there but there is an option to turn them off which I guess will be there when the game releases later this year.  I played via the Pro Controller and found it to be very responsive. The controls were tight and the action was smooth. From a gameplay standpoint, the demo was really good. The character models retained their sense of style and charm. Everything was pre-set and you couldn't customize yourself as each demo session was only an hour long and at a specific time. There were two stages that were used for the demo, "The Reef" and "Musselforge Fitness" (yes, there are puns). Each area felt like a decent sized area for a Turf War. The weapons to choose from were, the Squid Dualies, the Splattershot, the Sniper Rifle (can't remember its name), and the Splat Roller. Personally, I used the Dualies as that is probably what I will be maining when the game drops this time around. As for the battles themselves, they play out exactly how they do in the original Splatoon. It's familiar for those who have played but I will say that the demo did feel a little faster in my opinion. After I got over my game rust, I got the hang of the new mechanics and I started to get a feel for the areas the demo provided.

Initial Thoughts - Da Not So Good
Here's where it comes down to a preference for me. I enjoy the Switch but if there is one thing I miss about the U it is the GamePad. For this game having to stop and press "X" to bring up the map was annoying to me. I will probably never look at the map once the game releases as I just don't think there will be time to do that in the game. Also, and this goes back to one of my gripes about the original game, I hope that players will be allowed to customize their own weapon load outs at some point. I like the Dualies but I hate the bomb that they gave and I am not a real big fan of the JetPack (can't remember the name of the actual special but if you played you know which one I'm talking about). It just feels hella inaccurate and useless. Who knows maybe there will be a stage where that special will be a beast but on the ones we played it didn't feel particularly useful.

Final Thoughts
Hey, what can I say, it was a lot of fun. I like the TestFire format even though I would have liked it to be a little longer it was a lot of fun. I did not try it in Portable Mode. If Nintendo does another one I will be sure to try it in that mode and let you all know my thoughts on that as well. Playing with the Pro Controller was comfortable same as with the Joy Con Grip. Depending on when this drops and if anything of interest will be releasing this will more than likely be a pickup for me. I may even buy a physical copy, who knows at this point. What are your thoughts? Did you get a chance to try out the TestFire? What weapon are you planning on rolling with? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading.

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