Fixing the Iron Fist Series

While I do enjoy Marvel's Iron Fist it goes without saying that there were some glaring issues. I do not agree with the SJW excuse of "if an Asian actor would have been cast as Danny then the show would have been better." This show's issues are bigger than that and honestly, that's not an issue I want to go into today, I'll maybe do that at a later date. So without further ado here are a few changes that I think would have helped fixed some of the show's issues.

  • The Story: To me, this is the biggest issue with the first season. The previous Marvel/Netflix shows had an entire episode dedicated to telling the origin of the character. For some reason, the showrunner's decided against doing that for this show. I think that this was a missed opportunity, what we did get was snippet's of the main character's childhood which was okay but in my opinion didn't work well. Storywise I think that they should have taken the original origin from the comics and went that route. In the original origin, the family is on a hiking trip through the Himalaya's to find K'un Lun and it is there that Harold Meachum kills Danny's father all in a bid to get with Danny's mother. When Danny's mother rejects him, he leaves the two to die, in an effort to save her son Danny's mother sacrifices herself to a pack of wolves (think the Grey with 50% less Liam Neeson) in order for Danny to live. Another thing I think should have been shown was K'un Lun, which was never shown in season one. As for the dragon Shao Lao the Undying, I believe he should have been shown as well as Danny gaining the power of the Iron Fist. This could have been done in an animated sequence which still could have made other characters not believe him but at least give the viewer the chance to see Shao Lao.
  • The Dialogue: Okay, can we just be honest that the dialogue is just awful at times. Sometimes it's okay but a lot of the times it's just bad and not in a Kung Fu theater bad but passable way either. 
  • Storylines that dragged: I honestly think that the Meachum storyline, at times, dragged on and just wasn't interesting. Some episodes just felt like a chore to get through for example episodes 2 and 3  with Danny in a psych ward. It also didn't help that both of those episodes were close to an hour in length anyway. 
  • Embracing the comic: One of the main reasons that I think Luke Cage worked for a lot of people was the fact that the show did not shy away from the character's exploitative roots. If you know anything about the character of Luke Cage he was born during the 70's blaxploitation era. The show itself seemed to embrace that time and again. From little things like character interactions to how certain scenes were shot and even the music in those scenes. Iron Fist didn't really embrace that 70's era Kung Fu craze that was so prevalent in the comics. Sure they had the distinct styles but in some ways, the show just didn't have that feel.

Of course what I have just listed is my opinion and like I stated earlier I still liked and enjoyed the show for the most part. I am interested in seeing how everything goes in Defenders. The showrunners of Daredevil are running that show and it will be interesting to see how they handle not only Iron Fist but Jessica and Luke as well. What do you think needs to be fixed in Iron Fist? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading.

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