Series Review - Bill Nye Saves the World Season 1

**There are some people who feel a certain way about this show. If you feel the need to comment go ahead and do so, I only ask that you be respectful. If you have not watched the show please refrain from commenting (starting something) until you have at least watched it. I don't mind thoughtful discussion but I do mind bullying and attacking people.

My thoughts
Scrolling through my email and Netflix suggested that I check this one out. Let me start this post off by saying I am not conservative or liberal. I'm a moderate/middle of the road kind of guy. There are some things I am conservative about and there are some things I am liberal about. I usually try to keep my mind open to things because my likes are vast and I like learning new things. That being said I enjoyed the season for the most part. I liked the discussion and some of the topics were ones that I was genuinely interested in learning more about. Some of the jokes were hit and miss, I will give people that but Nye has always had that awkward sense of humor. Being a gamer my favorite episode dealt with gaming and I thought that it was a smartly done episode. I liked the "correspondents" and some of the special guests were awesome and looked to be enjoying themselves. It also helps that the show is only 30 minutes long, it never felt dragged out and I was never bored in an episode.

That being said there were some things I thought could have been done better or cut out altogether. As much as I like and respect Bill Nye sometimes he can come across as preachy. Especially, when it is a topic he is passionate about, for example, climate change. By now everybody should know that there has been a lot of evidence that proves the existence of climate change and some of the causes of said change. This is a topic that he has done numerous debates on so yeah, he gets a little preachy and tends to yell during that episode. Personally, I didn't mind it but I can see how that can get on the nerves of some people. And then there was the episode on Sexuality. First of all, let me just say I didn't care too much for this episode but not for the reasons you may think. I like the information portions of the episode but where the episode went too far and for what most conservative people are only harping on is what Rachel Bloom did as part of her skit. I am not a fan of Rachel, I just don't find her very funny. Her song about sexuality really felt out of place and while I knew what she was going for and what she was saying I felt that it just didn't fit. There was also a cartoon short that was involved in the same episode and that was more than likely taken the wrong way. Once again it was another situation where I knew what they were trying to say but the execution was way off and a lot of people are taking it way to far. For the most part, I think that if you keep an open mind you will be able to at least understand their point of view. Some episodes may be a little harder than others depending on your viewpoints on topics but I think that's where people who are criticizing the show harshly are coming from. Hey, that's just my opinion though.

For Parents
The show is TV-14 but I think that is because of the episode on Sexuality. In my opinion, it's a good show that if you have an open mind you may learn something you didn't know before or at the very least will pique your interest in certain topics. The episodes are 30 minutes long and the season is only 13 episodes.

Final Thoughts
I enjoyed myself with this show. I even went to research certain topics that certain episodes talked about just for my own knowledge. I thought the show was entertaining and some of the jokes were funny. The panel discussions were interesting, especially the one on fad diets. I don't know if it will get a second season but I would more than likely watch it. For NetFlix, I give this a 4 out of 5 stars. Have you watched the full season? What was your favorite episode? What was your least favorite episode? Let me know in the comments. As always thanks for reading and see you on my next post.


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