Thoughts on Inhumans vs X-Men and X-Men Prime

Inhumans vs X-Men
So I finally got caught up on my comic book reading and while I was not the biggest fan of the whole Inhumans v X-Men crossover I must admit that I still don't get the point of this six issue crossover. Marvel, I need a real big favor from you comic book wise, can you stop the hero fighting heroes crossovers and events. At this point, it's just old. In all honesty, they aren't all that fun to read. For example, in IvX, the main point of the battle was supposed to be that the terrigen cloud will make mutants on planet earth extinct in a very limited amount of time unless it is destroyed. For the X-Men, it is about survival, as they don't want to leave earth and start over somewhere else. Here's my main issue with the entirety of the crossover. The Inhumans knew that the terrigen cloud was poisonous to mutants and had made them sterile. The Inhumans didn't know that the saturation level of the cloud had gotten to a point that it would kill all the mutants. Beast knew this but never got a chance to tell them. Even with this knowledge, you would think that Medusa and the rest of the Inhumans would not want to see an entire species go extinct, I mean they are heroes. Right? To me, it felt like something was missing from the story, and then there's the X-Men side of things. So, basically, the whole reason why they are fighting throughout the issues (and this is just what I could glean from it) is that Emma Frost wants to die and is looking to make her grand exit. The writing in the story is really not that great. As an X-Men fan, I am glad that Marvel is keeping the X-Men around but they really made the Inhumans look like a bunch of douches. Honestly, I know that this story is a setup for the X-Men and Inhuman comics relaunches but it seems like all Marvel wants to do these days for "Event and Crossover" comics is making heroes fight each other instead of taking on villains. To be honest, my expectations were low, to begin with as the last good Marvel event I enjoyed was Avengers vs X-Men, but to me, this was just bad with a predictable ending.

X-Men Prime
This is going to be the jump on point for those looking to read Marvel's merry mutants. It is interesting seeing the team rosters at the moment as some of my favorite X-Men aren't around which I assumed they would be but who knows they may show up at some point. The comics to come out of this in April are X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, and Weapon X. Personally, I am looking forward to X-Men Gold and Weapon X. As far as the story in Prime, I like that they are bringing Kitty Pryde back to the fold. The authors have promised a return to fighting villains and protecting the very people that hate and fear them. Hopefully, the stories are good as I really want these to do well.The Prime book itself doesn't really show any villains outside of one that we don't know but that will tie into Weapon X. All in all, the book represented a changing of the guard so to speak and the X-Men returning from Limbo back to New York. Only time will tell if the stories pick up. I will say this, though, I am cautiously optimistic about the new direction that Marvel is going with my favorite comic team.

With that being said, are you an X-Men comic fan? Are you looking forward to jumping on to the new books coming out in April and this summer? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading.

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